De Del Toro à Kid Cudi, Netflix lève le voile sur ses projets dans l’animation

CERRO ARMAZONES : L’Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), le plus puissant instrument optique jamais construit qui augmentera considérablement la capacité d’observation des astronomes, sort lentement de terre dans le nord du Chili, un des endroits les plus propices pour se tourner vers les étoiles. Ce nouvel “œil sur le ciel”, qui viendra s’ajouter à partir de 2027 … Read more

L’acteur égypto-britannique Amir el-Masri jouera dans la série The Crown de Netflix

PARIS: Retour de la Star’ Ac en mode 2.0, des « Inconnus », d’« Un gars, une fille », ou encore d’Audrey Fleurot dans une super-production… TF1 misera dès la rentrée sur la nostalgie et des marques fortes pour tenter de conquérir « les jeunes générations », tout en renforçant son offre numérique.  « On … Read more

Dupieux, Spider-Man, Viola Davis… What to see on Netflix in June? – Les Inrocks

The collapse of the Sicilian aristocracy, a feminine robbery, a suede jacket with fringes or even a great anime classic, what are the new things not to miss on Netflix. Cheetah by Luchino Visconti (1963) A triumph in Cannes crowned with a Palme d’Or and enjoying immediate critical and public recognition, the large and sumptuous … Read more

Netflix: film and series releases for the month of June 2022

NETFLIX. “Umbrella Academy”, “Peaky Blinders”, “Spiderhead”… Many new releases are highly anticipated in June on Netflix. The full schedule. [Mis à jour le 30 mai 2022 à 11h03] June is going to fly by at breakneck speed for Netflix subscribers. And this because the platform of streaming puts many highly anticipated new features online. On the … Read more

Bardot, Netflix, Cumberbatch, Seydoux… The most enticing projects discovered at Cannes

The Cannes Film Festival is not just a race for the Palme. Alongside competition, the film market is a source of funding for new works. Here are some films and series in preparation that have stood out this year. The Cannes Film Festival is also four thousand films and projects presented to professionals in the … Read more

Netflix increases its prices in the United States to $19.99. Soon the turn of France?

⏰ 2 months ago Julian Russo 9 Since the beginning of the year, Netflix has displayed an impressive determination to increase its prices. After having shocked its users in Ireland with an evolution of the Premium plan to €20.99/month, Netflix continues this time in the United States. The streaming service has started an email warning … Read more

The Marilyn Monroe Mystery on Netflix: what to read and what to watch to go further?

Will humanity ever get tired of Norma Jeane Baker ? Given the enthusiasm for the new documentary netflix, The Marilyn Monroe Mystery: Untold Conversations, Nothing is less sure. Released on April 27, 2022, this filmEmma Cooper is based on the three-year-long survey carried out by Anthony Summers, a Pulitzer Prize finalist. Based on hundreds of … Read more

“Le Guépard”, on Netflix: five things to know about the famous ball scene

Netflix, still blacklisted from the Cannes Film Festival which begins on May 17, draws Visconti’s masterpiece, Palme d’or in 1963. The opportunity to see the last scene again, a long ball of three quarters of an hour where dancing love and death… Novel by Lampedusa then film by Visconti, Cheetah tells of the end of … Read more