77th Golden Globes: success for Tarantino and panties for Netflix

77th Golden Globes success for Tarantino and panties for

77th Golden Globes: success for Tarantino and panties for Netflix This ceremony without controversy has, in the end, kept its promises by pleasing everyone Pascal Gavillet Published: 06.01.2020, 6:02 p.m. Surrounded by his team, Tarantino received three Golden Globes for “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”. This year, the Oscars are brought forward and will … Read more

Oscars 2022: Netflix, Amazon, Disney+… Where to see the awarded films in France?

news culture Oscars 2022: Netflix, Amazon, Disney+… Where to see the awarded films in France? Published on 03/30/2022 at 19:49 The 2022 Oscars ceremony took place on March 28, 2022. It was an opportunity to discover the most popular productions that have marked the film industry over the past year. If you want to discover … Read more

Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video… : les films des Oscars 2022 à rattraper

1659770989 Netflix Apple TV Prime Video les films des Oscars 2022

Avec le sacre de CODA aux Oscars 2022, ce sont toutes les plateformes de streaming qui se retrouvent dans la lumière. Car la cérémonie a aussi fait la part belle aux Netflix, Amazon Prime Video et autre Disney+. Voici la liste des films récompensés ou nommés que vous pouvez vite rattraper. CODA, la surprise des Oscars … Read more

Netflix Sues Creators of Grammy-Winning ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Musical

Scuba diving the five wrecks to see once in your

Television platform Netflix sued the creators of an allegedly unauthorized musical stage production of its popular period drama “Bridgerton” on Friday, accusing them of copyright infringement after generating demand for its imitation on TikTok. The complaint was filed against Abigail Barlow and Emily Bear in federal court in Washington, three days after a sold-out performance … Read more

Netflix: the 10 best SF films to see according to Internet users AlloCiné

The Poet by Amadeus Raven chapter VII Diario de

Discover the Top 10 sci-fi movies to enjoy on Netflix. The opportunity to recall Interstellar, Metropolis or Star Trek are masterpieces of the genre. 1- Interstellar The Earth is doomed. Everything then rests on the shoulders of a handful of astronauts determined to explore a recently discovered space-time fault. Their only hope: to find a … Read more

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+…: where to watch the 2022 Oscars films?

Netflix Amazon Prime Disney where to watch the 2022 Oscars

It’s time to catch up on the 2022 Oscars! We tell you where to see all the films: on VOD, streaming, physical or cinema. Here’s where to watch Oscar films – Credit: Warner Bros. The Oscars ceremony took place on the night of Sunday to Monday, French time, to reward the best films and other … Read more

How Saint-Malo was reconstituted in Aveyron for the filming of a Netflix series

Scuba diving the five wrecks to see once in your

A prestigious project. Many other films or series, for cinema, television or platforms, are being made in Occitania this summer. Occitanie, land of filming, and one of the most attractive regions in France in this area, the cause is heard. The proof by many new examples, between series and feature films, for cinema, television or … Read more

Netflix: the best films available on the platform

On the program: drama, whether historical, prison or committed, a so-called perfect superhero film, an unleashed western, an acclaimed peplum, science fiction at the top, a psychological thriller and a monument of cinema. Please note: this ranking is based on the ratings of AlloCiné internet users. Only films with at least 500 votes were taken … Read more

Hugh Laurie, the famous Dr House, filming in Saint-Malo for Netflix

Hugh Laurie the famous Dr House filming in Saint Malo for

By Writing Saint-Malo Published on Jun 27 ’22 at 3:31 PM The Malouin country See my news Follow this media Famous for his role in the series Dr House, the English actor Hugh Laurie will shoot in Saint-Malo for Netflix, in an adaptation of the bestseller “All the light that we cannot see” by the … Read more