For filmmaker Sam Mendes, neutral and unisex acting awards belong to the future

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Sam Mendes spoke on English radio to talk about his latest Empire Of Light about two cinema workers’ struggles with depression and racism in 1980s England. Abaca After the star of The Crown Emma Corrin, it’s the director’s turnAmerican Beauty to come out in favor of this claim, which is gaining ground. After diversity, neutrality … Read more

Actor or actress? Emma Corrin wants neutral performance awards

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

Claiming to be non-binary, the star of The Crown would prefer that the trophies of the cinema or the television are given indiscriminately to men and women. Starring in two films exploring desire thwarted by the moral order, Emma Corrin is on all fronts. The interpreter of the young Dina in the euphoric season 4 … Read more

Pope Pius XII, far from being “neutral” during the Holocaust, says a Pulitzer winner

Pope Pius XII far from being neutral during the Holocaust

When, in 1943, 1,260 Italian Jews were rounded up by the Nazis within earshot of Vatican City in Rome, Pope Pius XII did not lift a finger in protest. The pope was however well informed of the probable fate of the Italian Jews who had been gathered in the courtyard of a military college for … Read more