Carlos Umaña, Nobel Peace Prize: We are facing the highest risk of nuclear war

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Marina Lopez Guell Costa Rican doctor Carlos Umaña, an activist for the prohibition of nuclear weapons and winner -as a member of the award-winning organizations- of two Nobel Peace Prizes, warns, in an interview with EFE, that “we are facing the highest risk of the story of a nuclear war being started. Umaña has traveled … Read more

The Nobel Svetlana Aleksievich, honorary doctorate from the UCM: “we are all hostages of Russian nuclear blackmail”

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MADRID, Oct. 20 (EUROPA PRESS) – The writer, journalist and Nobel Prize for Literature 2015 Svetlana Aleksievich (Belarus, 1948) warned this Thursday in Madrid in relation to the war in Ukraine: “We are all hostages of Russian nuclear blackmail.” Also, has lamented that despite the fact that she had dedicated dozens of years to studying … Read more

IAEA: a body to regulate nuclear technology

IAEA a body to regulate nuclear technology

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) occupies the headlines in the media around the world these days. This United Nations body has carried out a mission at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, in southeastern Ukraine, to verify its safety in the midst of the war. The IAEA group of experts warns that it is urgent … Read more

The tension between powers marks the UN nuclear disarmament conference

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mario villar United Nations, Aug 1 (EFE) .- The tension between the atomic powers and the risk that this could lead to a catastrophe marked this Monday the beginning of an expected meeting in which countries from all over the world meet at the United Nations to talk of nuclear disarmament. “Today, humanity is just … Read more

UN reviews nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty amid rearmament warnings

UN reviews nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty amid rearmament warnings

Launch, from a submarine, of a Pakistani nuclear-capable cruise missile. (IRSP-AFP) The UN begins this Monday the Tenth Conference for the review of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) with an eye on a new scenario of global rearmament and while the war in Ukraine revives fears of a nuclear confrontation. The … Read more

“Nuclear security cannot be left in the hands of Putin”, the warning of a Nobel Peace Prize winner

Nuclear security cannot be left in the hands of Putin scaled

“It is up to the West to put this pressure on Russia, to negotiate nuclear disarmament and also to put pressure on China to meet,” Fihn said in an interview in Vienna. Trusting that regimes like Russia or China will not use their nuclear bombs is a risk that the West must face by betting … Read more

‘Mushroom cloud’ rises in New York to raise awareness of nuclear danger

New York.- An inflatable mushroom cloud rose this Tuesday in Times Square, New York, United Statesto awaken the consciences of passers-by against nuclear weapons, because “as a civilization, we have to choose between banning atomic weapons or ceasing to exist“, warns at the foot of the white column its creator, the Mexican artist Peter Reyes. … Read more

War in Ukraine (VII) The urgency of global nuclear disarmament

War in Ukraine VII The urgency of global nuclear disarmament

In the midst of an escalation of the war in Ukraine, we have heard Vladimir Putin and his foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, wielding the threat of the use of nuclear weapons as an element of a show of force. The armed conflict in Ukraine and its internationalization have once again put on the table the … Read more

The war in Ukraine and the risks of relying on nuclear deterrence in the long term

The war in Ukraine and the risks of relying on

Judging by the multiple analyzes that appear these days in the media, the war in Ukraine has been more or less expected by political analysts, experts in geopolitics and international relations. However, we do not know what its outcome will be. The reason is clear: there is an inherent uncertainty associated with war that exceeds … Read more