Meeting with the Ukrainian designer Anna October: “It’s about feeling your body, your sensuality, in a joyful way”

Meeting with the Ukrainian designer Anna October Its about feeling scaled

Between Paris, where she now resides, and kyiv, where she still produces her collections, the Ukrainian designer Anna October has designed a magnificent Cruise 2023 collection. The talented young woman pays a new tribute to femininity, sexier and urban, inspired by part by the City of Light. Portrait of Anna October © Nick Wagne Anna … Read more

International box office of French films – October 2022

International box office of French films October 2022

King takes the lead by bringing together 146,000 foreign spectators, and 1 other mobilizes more than 100,000. # Title Starters Revenue (€) Copies Numbercountry Accumulationentries Accumulationreceipts 1 King 146,758 447 486 247 3 550 523 1 895 194 2 Around the world in 80 days 120 195 499,971 342 4 1,425,357 8,314,768 3 November 68,456 … Read more

“November”, “Black Adam”, “Simone”… Cinema attendance at its highest in October

November Black Adam Simone… Cinema attendance at its highest in

Exponential curve. At its lowest level since May 2021, the month in which France emerged from its last confinement linked to the covid-19 pandemic, in September 2022, cinema attendance started to rise again last month. October is thus the best month of the year 2022 on this indicator, with 14,926,800 tickets sold (+129.9% compared to … Read more

Archive | October 22, 2002: Canadian Yann Martel wins the prestigious Booker Prize

Archive October 22 2002 Canadian Yann Martel wins the

A surprise from London ” Surprise, very nice surprise in the literary world. In London, the Booker Prize, the English equivalent of the Goncourt Prize, was awarded to a francophone from Montreal. » — A quote from Stéphan Bureau, host of Téléjournal/Le Point This francophone from Montreal, who nevertheless writes in English, is Yann Martel. … Read more

40 years of the Nobel to García Márquez: on October 21, 1982 in which Colombia was world news

At 6:00 am Mexico time, 7:00 am Colombia, 2:00 pm Sweden, Gabriel García Márquez was announced as the winner of the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature, the fourth Latin American to win it since 1901. The journalist and writer, one of the 16 children of Mr. Gabriel Eligio García, a telegraph operator from Aracataca (Magdalena), … Read more

“Fathers” cycle on LaCinetek in October 2022 – Film Critic

Fathers cycle on LaCinetek in October 2022 Film Critic

The Beekeeper © 1986 Jérôme Prébois / Theo Angelopoulos Films / Greek Film Center / International Cinema Company /MK2 Movies All Rights Reserved Don’t be afraid, you haven’t missed Father’s Day, as it has already taken place this year in mid-June! It is therefore without the slightest pressure of imposed recognition that you will be … Read more

Event – The Dorat Film Festival will take place from October 26 to November 1

Big screen It is urgent to reconnect with

During the All Saints holidays, spectators, children and adults, will be able to enjoy several cinema screenings as part of the Dorat Film Festival. Thirteen films will be screened over a wide range of hours. Screening of the Cannes Palme d’Or If the objective of this event is to promote quality cinema in rural areas, … Read more

What made Gabriel García Márquez a Nobel Prize for Literature; on October 21, 1982

The September 9, 1995, Gabriel Garcia Marquez He declared in an interview with the journalist Ana Cristina Navarro that, if he could look through a hole without anyone knowing, he would ask to see life from death. “It is a great dream to be able to see life from death. If they put me to … Read more

Ephemeris October 21; 1982 Gabriel García Márquez receives the Nobel Prize for Literature — Informative Ágora

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

The Swedish Academy awards the 1982 Nobel Prize for Literature to Colombian writer and journalist Gabriel García Márquez for the originality, influence and cultural impact of his work. He is the author of the novel “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, translated into several languages ​​and of which millions of copies have been sold all over … Read more