Golden Globes, One Piece Odyssey, Rockin’ Squat… the top articles of the week

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Culture, Pop Culture, technology, news, reviews and surveys… Each week, find the best of L’Eclaireur, with the most interesting articles of the moment. ©FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES Golden Globes: our recap of the ceremony and the awards On the occasion of an 80th ceremony essential to restore their image, the Golden Globes rewarded the most deserving. … Read more

“The Odyssey of The African Queen” on Arte: Katharine Hepburn, subversive icon or star model in Hollywood?

The Odyssey of The African Queen on Arte Katharine Hepburn

Actress renowned for her nonconformity, the heroine of one of John Huston’s masterpieces, still the Oscar record holder, had to soften her image to become popular, her feminism being perceived as threatening. When released, in 1952, The African Queen’s Odyssey, an exotic adventure film partly shot in the Congo, where she plays a single missionary … Read more

An odyssey in (Arthur) Minor mode: Andrew Sean Greer, Pulitzer Prize 2018, “Shit”…

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Deceptive: it is the adjective (English) that immediately comes to mind once you have finished reading the Tribulations of Arthur Minor, signed Andrew Sean Greer, which has just been published by Jacqueline Chambon in a translation by Gilbert Cohen-Solal. Deceptive and yet Pulitzer Prize 2018. On paper this novel had everything to please: Arthur Mineur … Read more