Fernando Balseca: Centennial Saramago | Columnists | Opinion

Fernando Balseca Centennial Saramago Columnists Opinion

The thought and writing of the Portuguese writer José Saramago (1922-2010) is so universal that it can be affirmed that, at this precise moment, he is speaking to us, since his literary work has an incredible capacity to investigate the human being and its contradictions. His narrative art always presents paradoxical situations that force readers … Read more

Opinion | Mikhail Gorbachev and the lessons that Daniel Ortega did not learn

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Arturo McFields is a journalist and former Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS. Last Tuesday, August 30, the world remembered the greatness of Mikhail Gorbachev and his fight for freedom and democracy, after he died at the age of 91. The chancelleries of Latin Americalike many other world leaders, they lamented your departure. However, Nicaraguan President … Read more

De clase dominante a clase dominada: mucha tele y poca lectura | Opinión de José Luis Roig

La Etnnia the institution of rap leads a new ranking

Lo siento, pero no puedo evitar soltarles una frase que me acaba de recordar una buena amiga, de esas que saben meter el dedo en la herida, aunque no lo hagan por el mero placer de molestar, sino por la necesidad de situarnos ante el espejo, y así de paso descubrir hasta dónde puede llegar … Read more

(Opinion) Hugo Perea: Growth and well-being

1657476781 Opinion Hugo Perea Growth and well being

In “On the mechanics of economic development” (1988), the laureate economist Robert Lucas (Nobel Prize 1995) shows evidence about the enormous differences in income that exist between countries and asks what kind of actions can be implemented to close these gaps . Lucas adds that facing these kinds of questions has impressive consequences on people’s … Read more

Opinion | Productivity is almost everything. By Jose Emilio Cervera

Opinion Productivity is almost everything By Jose Emilio Cervera

The Nobel Prize in Economics Paul Krugman He pointed out in his academic days at Princeton that productivity is not everything, but in the long term it is almost everything. It is true that not everything goes to increase productivity, but without increases in productivity there will hardly be business profits that remunerate capital decently, … Read more

After 40 years of Malvinas, the veteran Mingo Novaro received the highest decoration of Cavalry: Grenadier of Los Andes | The opinion

After 40 years of Malvinas the veteran Mingo Novaro received

In 1981 the soldier Domingo Ángel Novaro fought in the Malvinas War. He was a grenadier, aimer and supplier of MAG (general purpose machine gun) for the Junín Squad. He was 20 years old. 40 years after the war, as a veteran, he received the highest decoration conferred by the cavalry weapon: the Knight Grenadier … Read more

Opinion | Alliances show who is who in the second round of Colombia

Placeholder while article actions load Olga Behar is a Colombian journalist, political scientist and writer. For more than 30 years she has investigated the armed and political conflict in Colombia. She is the author of twenty books. After the results of the first round of the Colombian presidential election, in which the right-wing coalition was … Read more

Francia Márquez, the next vice president | Opinion

Francia Marquez the next vice president Opinion

Pedro Luis Barco DiazPedro Luis Barco Diaz Shadows began to fall on the village of Lomitas in the municipality of Santander de Quilichao, in May 2019, when an unidentified armed group broke into the meeting held by several social leaders coordinated by Francia Márquez and Carlos Rosero. They were preparing a meeting with the national … Read more

Stagflation and inequality | Opinion of José Carlos Diez

Stagflation and inequality Opinion of Jose Carlos Diez

I am writing this article from Times Square, the heart of New York, where I spent my Easter holidays and took advantage of the trip to read the recommendable book ‘Fighting Inequality’. It has been coordinated by Oliver Blanchard and Dani Rodrick and summarizes a seminar at the Peterson Institute in 2019 on the topic … Read more