Opinion | Christmas out of picture. By Rosana Corral-Marquez

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

December finally cools off, making winter feel like winter for once and not like a twilight of Florida retirees, a stone in the shoe, a petroglyph, anything far from the Christmas season. I return with Noa from the river and I am happy to have watched the panel of dark clouds, to have made little … Read more

The ten films that marked the year 2022 (in our opinion)

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

For this year placed under the sign of the great return to cinemas, Sissi’s beautiful dresses, Iranian cinema in majesty, a trashy Palme d’Or, Tom Cruise’s fighter planes or even a real-fake zombie invasion have made an appointment. Something to please all sensitivities. Here are our ten favorite films! 1. Licorice Pizza, by Paul Thomas … Read more

Opinion | Optimization of the risk-return ratio of an investment portfolio. By @ReneBauch of @gCapital_W_M

ALICANTE. Every year the same story. Entities that offer investment services have to update the suitability test for our clients. For this reason, we ask you to fill out the Mifid (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) questionnaire again, which will inform us about several essential aspects for good advice. We collect information about your investment … Read more

Alfonso Oramas Gross: The most important of the less important things | Columnists | Opinion

In the midst of the effervescence of the Qatar 2022 Soccer World Cup, I found an interesting article that analyzes the aspects and disaffections of writers and intellectuals with soccer, finding unique reflections on the matter; In this context, the article suggests forming two sui generis teams, the “anti-soccer” on the one hand and the … Read more

Opinion | Is the cultural and musical battle in Valencia lost? By Pedro Nebot

I begin a series, with interruptions, of interviews with anonymous artists from Metropolitan Valencia to analyze the transformations that have arisen and their opinion after the turn of the century. Any prosperous society must be firmly committed to culture. Otherwise, it will end up being an ocean without fish or a river without water. It … Read more

Opinion: Twitter may just be the start — the platform could be a vehicle for media baron ‘Citizen Musk’ – CNET – ApparelGeek

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Really rich guys buy professional sports teams and media companies. With his purchase of Twitter, Elon Musk is the latest – and by far the wealthiest – member of the club. The manufacture of electric cars and spaceships already qualifies him as a pioneering visionary and a swordsman – arguably the most successful entrepreneur and … Read more

Ryan Castro talks about the success of “Jordan” on Tik Tok, his opinion on J Balvin and what a Latin Grammy would mean for his career

Ryan Castro talks about the success of Jordan on Tik

At only 28 years old, Ryan Castrothe reggaeton singer born in Medellín (Colombia), has been able to take advantage of all the opportunities that life has presented him to make a name for himself in the competitive industry musical. On this occasion, he arrives in Peru to meet his national fans for the first time. … Read more

▷ #OPINION Four writer-journalists who won the Nobel Prize #21Oct – El Impulso

Oscar 2022 The Power of the Dog Belfast Coda… Tout.octet stream

The presence of the figure of the writer in journalism dates back to its origins in the late Middle Ages, accentuated after the irruption of the printing press. The journalistic functions in the printed media are carried out first by the writers, among them the poets. But with the advent of the Industrial Revolution, its … Read more

BUAP researchers give their opinion on Nobel Prizes 2022 in Medicine, Chemistry and Physics

Los otros escritores amenazados por el fundamentalismo

Science is experiencing a moment of growth and development, the result of multidisciplinary work at a global level. As part of the award ceremony Nobel 2022 to scientists in the areas of Medicine, Chemistry and Physics, BUAP reaffirms its commitment to the generation of knowledge, by approaching, from its different fields, cutting-edge lines of research … Read more