Dutch artist Satori, star of an event organized in the desert of Riyadh

Dutch artist Satori star of an event organized in the

RIYADH: Last Friday, electronic music reverberated through the Riyadh desert at NOX Camp Desert Resort, which brought together fans of desert music, art and sports for a one-of-a-kind event. Exclusive music and arts event organizer Desert Sound Entertainment has introduced its first-ever experience, Mars Escape, to the Saudi community. It transported some thousand attendees to … Read more

Inflation in Benin: faced with government measures, traders between resignation and organized shortage – ORTB

Inflation in Benin faced with government measures traders between resignation

The anti-inflationary measures taken by the Beninese government to deal with the impacts of the global economic crisis are struggling to be respected. In the markets, there is a refusal to apply the fixed prices, the reduction in the weight of bread and the shortage organized around certain products such as cement. The State, which … Read more

In Texas, the hunt for works deemed “woke” is organized

In Texas the hunt for works deemed woke is organized

A parliamentary committee is attacking books making schoolchildren aware of racism and gender identity, arguing “Let them make white children feel guilty”. No less than 850 works are currently in the viewfinder. The school war is declared in Texas where the authorities of this conservative state in the south of the United States are attacking … Read more