BBVA organizes a dialogue with young people about their concerns regarding sustainability

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Migrations, biodiversity or equality are some of the topics that more than a hundred young people from Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru and Uruguay will address with experts from different fields of science, the arts, education or cooperation in ‘Challenges’. The objective of the new ‘Aprendemos juntos 2030’ program is to encourage dialogue on sustainability … Read more

The movement ‘Beyond war’ organizes an international meeting on the abolition of war with Cantabrian participation – El Faradio | journalism that counts

The movement Beyond war organizes an international meeting on the

This is a free and public webinar that will feature reflections and moderation by Kathy Kelly, an international leader in the peace movement. Various activists around the globe will participate in the meeting, which will be held this Tuesday, April 12, and the nonviolence collective will be invited to contribute a small reflection from the … Read more

Who organizes the Grammy Awards, where are they held and how are the votes? All about these awards

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We are still living the hangover from the Oscar Awards and we already have to prepare for the Grammy Awards. After having left behind a film festival in which violence unfortunately ended up being the true protagonist, it is time to look forward and put our eyes on the US music awards: the Grammys. Next … Read more

The UMH organizes a meeting open to the public on the 2021 Nobel prizes

The UMH organizes a meeting open to the public on

A day of scientific dissemination organized at the Miguel Hernández University (UMH) of Elche presents the discoveries and scientific personalities awarded with the Nobel prizes in Physics, Chemistry and Physiology or Medicine in the 2021 edition. The meeting will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, 1 December, at 11:00 a.m. It will be the second edition of … Read more