Cannes Film Festival: here are all the films that have received the Palme d’Or since 1946

Cannes Film Festival here are all the films that have

The 75th Cannes Film Festival awarded its Palme d’Or to Swedish director Ruben Östlund for his film “Without Filter”. On this occasion, (re)discover all the winners of the biggest international film competition, since its creation. Awarded by the jury of the Cannes festival, the Palme d’Or is one of the most prestigious film awards in … Read more

VOD: new releases in January 2023 at SFR, with the Palme d’or 2022

Efemerides del 10 de enero Esto paso en el mundo

A story inspired by real events, an offbeat French comedy, drama and the Palmegold from the Cannes Film Festival… So many qualitative films released in theaters in 2022, which arrive on VOD on the SFR box. To get the new year off to a good start, discover our selection of feature films which will enrich … Read more

Palme d’or suédoise, Pierre Niney farceur… On rembobine la dernière journée du 75e Festival de Cannes

L’info “so FIF” Ça y est, c’est fini. Le 75e Festival de Cannes s’est achevé ce samedi soir après 12 jours intenses, pendant lesquels 21 films ont été présentés en compétition… et la moitié a été récompensée lors de la cérémonie de clôture. La Palme d’or, sertie de 100 diamants cette année, a été décernée au … Read more

Cannes 2022: Amartei Armar, first Ghanaian filmmaker in the running for the Palme d’or for short films

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Published on : 05/29/2022 – 13:14 “It’s surreal to be here. » With his film « Tsutsue », Amartei Armar, 31, was during this 75th edition the first Ghanaian director in the running for the Palme d’Or for short films in the history of the Cannes Film Festival. Interview with the man for whom “the … Read more

Belgian excellence: Bertrand, palme d’or and artistic marbles

I like Belgium Awarded at the Bologna Fair, the Gosselies company, a family business active in stones and tiles, has just organized two creation and design competitions intended to highlight national know-how. There are many companies selling tiles, but the one that caught our eye is far from ordinary. Centered in Gosselies where it has … Read more

And the palme d’or for the best exchange of the year goes to… Binance!

And the palme dor for the best exchange of the

Even though confidence in centralized platforms has been severely damaged by the fall of FTX, one of the three largest crypto exchanges in the sector, some CEX are still raising confidence, reporting more creditworthiness. Binance, an unchallenged reign In this year 2022, Binance has confirmed or even reinforced its supremacy over the competition. At different … Read more

Cannes 2022: “Triangle of Sadness”, Palme d’Or, and the rest of the winners

Cannes 2022 Triangle of Sadness Palme dOr and the rest

The jury of the 75th edition of the Festival awarded this Saturday evening the supreme award to Ruben Östlund for “Without filter” (“Triangle of Sadness”), which divided our critics. “Close” and “Stars at Noon” are ex aequo Grand Prix. An uneven track record, generous in quantity, but with major omissions. The winners of the 75e … Read more

Why the Palme d’or “Without filter” is likely to make spectators cough

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

the essential A cinematic event of the autumn, Ruben Ostlund’s “Sans Filtre”, Palme d’or at the Cannes Film Festival, will be released on September 28, preceded by two previews. Those who want to be among the first to discover “Without Filter”, by Ruben Ostlund, should buy their ticket now. Because, if the Palme d’or is … Read more