The race for survival for some, expensive parties for others

1655352996 The race for survival for some expensive parties for others

At a time when many Quebecers are struggling to cope with the cost of living, several rich people, influencers or stars who come for the Grand Prix, subsidized with millions by the State, will be able to take advantage of meals and accommodation. unaffordable for ordinary mortals, noted The newspaper. • Read also: It’s elbowing … Read more

Crypto mortgages are already here. And there are thousands of interested parties waiting in line despite the obvious risks

Crypto mortgages are already here And there are thousands of

The first crypto mortgages are already being granted. In Miami, it is already possible to buy a 30-year house by paying in bitcoins. The fintech company Milo Since the end of last year, it has offered the possibility of mortgaging with cryptocurrencies, for the moment only with Bitcoin.

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The looks of celebrities at the pre-Oscars 2022 parties

The looks of celebrities at the pre Oscars 2022 parties

OSCAR AWARDS 2022 The nominees started the celebrations and wore stunning outfits. Check out photos of Andrew Garfield, Zendaya, Zoë Kravitz and more! By Camila Lopez 03/27/2022 – 00:20 UTC 03/27/2022 – 00:20 UTC ©GettyChris Pine, Zendaya and Zoë Kravitz beat the 2022 Oscars. The Oscar Award imply a great feast: this will be demonstrated … Read more