[Cinéma] “Peace”, heaven or hell

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In the intoxicating Pacifiction, by Albert Serra, Benoît Magimel embodies a senior official stationed in Tahiti, whom the rumor of a resumption of French nuclear tests in the Pacific will make paranoid. Total and unprecedented cinema. In the space of thirty years (1966-1996), nearly 200 nuclear tests were carried out by France in French Polynesia. … Read more

From military research to research for peace and development

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

In 1982, the sociologist and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Alva Myrdal, after a long study concluded that “what our world needs today is a large-scale transfer of intellectual talent from military research to research for peace and development.” . Reading in our press and seeing on our televisions the suffering of Ukraine (and also of … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize will be presented at the Future Congress 2023 Maule

Maule Region News: At the Maule Regional Theater (TRM), the announcement of what will be the largest science event in the Maule region and the country was made, with a new version of the Future Congress 2023 “Without Real Limit”, which will be will develop openly and free of charge to the local community on … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize is presented at the Future Congress 2023 Maule – Universidad Católica del Maule

Nobel Peace Prize is presented at the Future Congress 2023 scaled

🔊 Listen to the note On January 18, this new version will be held in person at the TRM, whose protagonist is the discussion on science, technology and the society of the future. The World Peace Prize, Rattan Lal, and prominent researchers such as Partha Dasgupta and Lina Zeldovich participate together with scientists from … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski and two NGOs, Russian and Ukrainian

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The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in Oslo this Friday, October 7 to a trio of representatives of civil societies in Eastern Europe: the Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski, the Russian NGO Memorial and the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties, a highly symbolic prize in the midst of the war in Ukraine. Nobel Peace Prize: “Militating … Read more

“Without implementation of the Peace Agreement, ‘total peace’ would be a failure”: Santos

Without implementation of the Peace Agreement total peace would be

Former President Juan Manuel Santos moderated a meeting between peace initiatives supported by the Compaz Foundation, which celebrated its fourth anniversary this Wednesday. Photo: Laly Malagón Former President Juan Manuel Santos reappeared this Wednesday, within the framework of the fourth anniversary of the foundation he created after receiving the Nobel Peace Prize, to defend the … Read more

The Pope receives the Nobel Peace Prize: the visit to Congo will be significant for peace – Vatican News

Received in audience this morning by Pope Francis at the Vatican, the Congolese gynecologist awarded in 2018 for his commitment to the treatment of women and girls victims of war rape stresses in this interview that he hopes that the Pope’s visit to Congo will contribute to the end of the conflict and the humanitarian … Read more

Yan Rachinsky, Nobel Peace Prize 2022: “In some aspects we have returned to the USSR with important mechanisms of repression”

Climate Book authenticity in Greta Thunbergs latest work

– Advertising- I was lucky enough to be able to interview the recent Nobel Peace Prize 2022, President of the NGO Memorial that I present here. How has the world changed, especially Russia in these years? During perestroika, everyone had similar ideas. Glasnost brought freedom of expression and free thought and that was vital for … Read more

AWARDS | RSF unveils the names of its 2022 Press Freedom Prize laureates, in the presence of Nobel Peace Prize winner Dmitri Muratov

AWARDS RSF unveils the names of its 2022 Press

The ceremony of the thirtieth edition of the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Award for Press Freedom, held this December 12 in Paris in the presence of the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize, distinguished Iranian journalist Narges Mohammadi (Courage Award) , to Ukrainian journalists Mstyslav Tchernov and Yevhen Maloletka (Impact Award) and the Moroccan journalist Omar Radi … Read more