Catholic singer-songwriter Athenas performs in Weston

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Athenas, who had already performed in Miami, also recalled her beginnings in music, philosophized about the shortcomings of humanity and reiterated her mission: to evangelize through her songs. In addition, he talked about what the nomination he obtained in the 2023 edition of the Latin Grammy Awards means, in the category of best Christian album. … Read more

Macky González performs sensual dance to Pato Borghetti, the host announces divorce: “It was good while it lasted” – Exa FM

The recent broadcast this Tuesday, May 17, of the morning aztec tv, Joy come, gave a lot to talk about, after macky gonzalez Y Borghetti Duck They will star in a controversial moment during the live show. It was during the famous dance section starring Cap Perez“Beat the Cap” where the former contestant Exathlon Mexico … Read more

The German Parliament performs 85% of its functions with clean energy

The German Parliament performs 85 of its functions with clean

Built in the 19th century, bombed during World War II Y restored after German reunification; the Reichstag buildingwhich houses the Federal Parliament of Germany, has gained recognition as the greenest legislative building in the world; when holding the 85 percent of its operations with solar energy and generated with biodiesel. This imposing building, 137 meters … Read more