Verónica Echegui, intimate and personal: “We all carry a pack of darkness”

Veronica Echegui intimate and personal We all carry a pack

In Verónica Echegui, curiosity boils, and it overflows through a gaze that seems capable not only of identifying each emotion but also of apprehending it in order to embody it one day. Euphoria dwells in her, a gift as rare as it is contagious, and she spreads it in the photo session, in the Palacio … Read more

The Fabelmans: Spielberg big favorite of the Oscars with his most personal film?

The Fabelmans Spielberg big favorite of the Oscars with his

Very well received during its presentation at the Toronto Festival, “The Fabelmans” by Steven Spielberg received the Audience Award. Which makes him a more than credible candidate for the Oscars. The race for the Oscars is officially on! An exhausting marathon which will end on March 12, 2023, and whose participants are beginning to reveal … Read more

Literary tourism: The most personal Lisbon of José Saramago

Literary tourism The most personal Lisbon of Jose Saramago

Lisbon, overlooking the Tagus, is, in addition to being one of the most irresistibly beautiful cities in the world, one of the most literary. The trams go up and down the steep streets and walk the human types that inspired Fernando Pessoa and his infinite heteronyms, José Cardoso Pires and Antònio Lobo Antunes and even … Read more

Santa Fe Klan: Los 10 hechos que marcaron su carrera musical y personal

1655425416 Santa Fe Klan Los 10 hechos que marcaron su carrera

Guanajuato-. Detrás un Santa Fe Klan cantando en los escenarios de Las Vegas hay un barrio de Guanajuato que lo vio crecer. Una historia perseverante de como un niño quería grabar un disco y lo logró abriéndose puertas con su talento y su carisma. Un trayecto lleno de dificultades económicas que terminó siendo un éxito … Read more

The Xunta celebrates the centenary of the first Galician poet nominated for a Nobel Prize by exhibiting her personal collections donated to the Archive of Galicia

The general director of Culture of the Xunta, Ángel M. Lorenzo, inaugurated today in Gaiás, on International Archives Day, the exhibition Constellation Light. Luz Pozo Garza (1922-2022), poetry, art and lifeone of the main activities with which the Autonomous Government celebrates the centenary of the birth of one of the most outstanding Galician poets of … Read more

Mental health: “there is a close connection between the working day and personal well-being”

Mental health there is a close connection between the

According to the Ipsos World Happiness 2022 study, our country is one of the least happy in the world. How can the working day influence it? The truth is that Chile is one of the countries with the most working hours in the OECD and, coincidentally, with the highest rates of illnesses related to mental … Read more

Ben Affleck has a very personal connection to The Tender Bar

Ben Affleck has a very personal connection to The Tender

This article is automatically translated into your language. Please let us know if it contains errors. Ben affleck tried again with George clooney because the Tender bar, an adaptation by the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist JR MoehringerAn orphan boy’s 2005 memoir about his struggle to be a man. Affleck plays a nifty small-town bartender who takes … Read more

At the gates of the Latin Grammy, Mon Laferte launches personal project and is getting ready to be a mother

At the gates of the Latin Grammy Mon Laferte launches

For her, returning to the stage was an urgent need that she has just fulfilled in a big way, thanks to a 27-date American tour that culminated on October 31 in the celebration of the Day of the Dead at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, in the city. of the Angels. But Mon Laferte actually has … Read more

Dulce María on her new album: “Origen ‘was ready since 2018, it’s something really intimate and personal”

Dulce Maria on her new album Origen was ready since

The singer presented 11 songs to the public, five unreleased songs on this one being her fourth studio album With the name of Origin, Sweet maríto rescues compositionswritten throughout his career for his 4th album, in the genre folk pop andfully authorial, promising to reveal all his facets as an artist. Mixing keyboards, drums, bass, … Read more

The curious history of Gabriel García Márquez’s tie and other auctioned personal items

1635478828 The curious history of Gabriel Garcia Marquezs tie and other

Mexico City – Since he was a child, Javier Flores lived a few meters from the house of Gabriel García Márquez, in the south of the Mexican capital, but his contacts with the Colombian Nobel Prize for Literature were always sporadic and distant. From this week the relationship will be closer, at least metaphorically. Javier … Read more