“Daisy Miller”, the cataclysm in costumes that ruined the career of Peter Bogdanovich

A GLANCE FROM PIERRE MURAT — In 1974, the director shone with a thousand lights in the new Hollywood of Friedkin and Coppola. But his adaptation of the novel by Henry James will experience a bitter failure which will begin his decline. This is the story of a beautiful American. Passionate and voluble. Innocent, but … Read more

Peter Handke: ‘I really wanted to kill the one who invented that my mother was from Nazi youth’

A man storms out of his house, his mother has been slandered! He’s Peter Handke, the avenger, and is ready to lash out at the world. Anger dominates him and he will kill anyone who stands before him. Don’t be scared, it’s not the real world, but something much better: the new novel of the … Read more

Peter Saville, a (very) living design legend

Peter Saville at his logo launch event for Lacostein 2013. David M. Bennett/Getty Images. In the current panorama of the music industry, new styles – and taking into account the popularity of music companies streaming of audio—, hasn’t the industry become somewhat ethereal and records intangible objects? even with the revival vinyl, do you think … Read more

Peter Bogdanovich, farewell to the magnificent loser

Even more than the wife of Bogdanovich and the mother of his daughters, Antonia and Sashy, Polly Platt is his guardian angel. It is she who suggests adapting The Last Picture Show (Simon and Schuster, 1966) from Larry mcmurtry and again she who, having spotted her on the cover of the magazine Glamour, recommend the … Read more

Peter Bogdanovich, Oscar nominated director, dead at 82

Peter Bogdanovich, the filmmaker behind the classics The Last Picture Show, Paper Moon and What’s Up, Doc? , is dead. He was 82 years old. Bogdanovich was also an indispensable Hollywood film historian, whose wealth of knowledge about the Golden Age of Hollywood has been passed on to younger generations of moviegoers. Even before he … Read more

Peter Pham’s business in the DRC | Politico.cd

– Advertising- A mix of his personal affairs with diplomacy. This is in any case what is reproached to Peter J. Pham, former Special Envoy of the United States in the Lakes Region. The case dates back to 2019. In January, US Senator Cory Booker, member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senior Democrat … Read more