López Obrador mocks Vargas Llosa and critics of Gustavo Petro

The president of Mexico, Manuel López Obrador, referred to the publications that have appeared on social networks with reference to the presidential elections in Colombia and criticized the comments of the Peruvian Nobel Prize for Literature. Photo: @marcorubio This Wednesday, June 22, the president of Mexico, Manuel Lopez Obradorcriticized the pronouncement of the Peruvian writer … Read more

Vargas Llosa, on the elections in Colombia: “They have voted badly, let’s see how Petro acts”

The act is in Madrid, but it could well be in Bogotá. By the time the writer Mario Vargas Llosa presents the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, with the award from the International Foundation for Liberty on Monday, everyone knows that the big issue of the day is the victory of the former M-19 guerrilla … Read more

Gustavo Petro gana las elecciones en Colombia con más del 50% de votos y será el próximo presidente del país – KESQ

CNNEE (CNN Español) — Gustavo Petro, candidato presidencial por el Pacto Histórico,  ganó las elecciones en la segunda vuelta presidencial de este domingo en Colombia. Petro y su fórmula vicepresidencial, Francia Márquez, alcanzaron más del 50% de los votos con el 99,45% de las mesas escrutadas. Petro venció así a su contrincante, Rodolfo Hernández, y … Read more

Hard attack by Egan Bernal against Petro for comparing himself with Gabriel García Márquez

Egan Bernal is again a trend due to a publication he made on his official Twitter profile, in which he directly attacks Gustavo Petro. The candidate of the Historical Pact said in the same social network as the famous and deceased Colombian writer, winner of the Nobel Prize Gabriel García Márquez, He was born in … Read more

Gustavo Petro speaks after his victory: ‘We are going to win in the first round’

“The time has come for Colombia, a beautiful time, to live. An intense time. A time in history, in which we finally have, as a generation, a second chance. The time has come for us to be a world power of lifetime. Go ahead, it’s the hour of triumph, it’s the hour of victory. To … Read more

If Gustavo Petro wins the presidency, the Venezuelan regime will lead Colombia to its destruction, assured the writer Mario Vargas Llosa

Wenceslao Cruz This Tuesday, February 1, the Peruvian writer, former presidential candidate and winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010, Mario Vargas Llosa, participated in an event called “The great challenge of Hispanic people: from the Black Legend to narco-communism”, in the space el The writer took advantage and commented on the situation … Read more