Heliport, tennis, ponies, swimming pools: here are the craziest taxes in our municipalities

1637560127 Heliport tennis ponies swimming pools here are the craziest

Through Laura Salamon Journalist La Meuse | Published on 11/22/2021 6:05 AM Some municipal taxes are to say the least … surprising! Horses and ponies, private tennis courts, swimming pools, helipads, sex shops, cannabis shops … Here are the most improbable taxes in the 24 municipalities of Liège ****** ******* ******** *** ***** ********* **** … Read more

Where are the pools that can be used in case of big fires? | El Cordillerano Newspaper

Where are the pools that can be used in case

In mid-September, as part of the prevention tasks being carried out by the Volunteer Firefighters of our city and Dina Huapi, they opened a registry of private swimming pools to supply mobile phones in case of emergency. In addition, the articulated work between these institutions adds an enormous amount of tools for a more effective … Read more