Festival de Cannes : avec “R.M.N.”, Cristian Mungiu fait le portrait d’une Roumanie xénophobe

Cristian Mungiu est un régulier de la Croisette où il a présenté tous ses films, trois récompenses à la clé, dont la Palme d’or pour 4 mois, 3 semaines, 12 jours en 2007. Il pourrait en être autrement cette année, tant R.M.N. déconcerte par son manque d’équilibre entre la chronique d’un village roumain et la dénonciation … Read more

“It’s a beautiful portrait of society”: without filter, the people of Cannes criticize the Palme d’Or

Acidic, provocative and hilarious. “If you look at it as a caricature of today’s world, there is everything in this film.” Isabelle Danel suspected it: this delirious and uninhibited cruise could only please her. All the same, the Cannes woman had to take a look at this enjoyable satire of the super-rich and luxury worthy … Read more

Cannes Film Festival 2022: a politico-religious thriller in Egypt and a portrait of African exiles in Belgium in the running for the Palme d’Or

As often, African filmmakers and films can be counted on the fingertips in the official selections of the Cannes Film Festival. The 75th edition, an anniversary edition, confirms the rule. Two films, announced in competition on April 14, 2022, will nevertheless evoke the continent. It is Boy from Heaven of Tarik Saleh and Tori and … Read more

Record for a portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Warhol, 195 million dollars at auction

PARIS: Romantic and committed, often both at the same time: the Franco-Congolese singer Dadju has experienced a meteoric rise over the past five years, preaching true love and the emancipation of women in music or on the screen. Dadju has just turned 31 and “tries to sleep when he can”. His youngest born in February … Read more

“I feel like I received a Palme d’Or!” : the pre-fame portrait of Nicolas Maury

INTERVIEW He is an actor, screenwriter, director and now a singer. But how did Nicolas Maury get there? Wednesday in Culture Media, Lisa-Marie Marques rewinds in her “pre-fame portrait” the life of the person who plays Hervé in Ten percent and looks back at what happened to him before he became famous. Nicolas Maury was … Read more

Jane Campion comments on her filmo: Top of the Lake, Portrait of a Woman, The Piano Lesson…

The director revisits her lyrical and sensual work. TF1 Séries Films devotes its evening to Jane Campionwho leaves favorite of the next Oscars thanks to his new drama, The Power of the Dog (watchable on Netflix). The channel will rebroadcast its classic The Piano Lessonat 9 p.m., then the first episodes of his series Top … Read more

Joachim Trier draws the portrait of the young woman on the run

The pangs of jet lag had spared the Norwegian filmmaker Joachim Trier, who had arrived the day before from New York in Oslo, this city of which he never seems to tire. Even through the filter of videoconferencing, the enthusiasm, energy and generosity of the director of Julie (in 12 chapters) were palpable. This is … Read more

Spruce Campbell: BAFTA Award at Apple Arcade, Portrait of a Little Genius

Any developer with ambition, secret or not, dreams of one day working with the greatest and seeing his works installed in devices all over the world. If it becomes more and more difficult to reach this high step, for lack of increasing competition, some people reach it without too much difficulty, by taking the “chance” … Read more

Hugues Dayez’s critics: “My Kid”, an unforgettable portrait of a father and son relationship

Israeli filmmaker Nir Bergman is a quiet author. And yet, we owe him the co-creation and production of “BeTipul”, a series sold and celebrated around the world under the title “In therapy”. He returns today with a moving psychological study, “My kid”. My Kid The poster for “My Kid” © DR Aharon is a doting … Read more

Jane Campion: Portrait of a filmmaker without concessionsTTT magazine

Headliner of the Lumière 2021 Festival, the New Zealand director was in Lyon to collect her prize, an additional mark of international recognition for her work. She also previewed her latest film, Power of the Dog, slated for release on Netflix in early December. This is the opportunity to take a look at this filmmaker … Read more