10 Times Great Actors Portrayed Other Actors – CNET – ApparelGeek

It’s hard enough for a talented actor to bring a character to life on screen, but with the growing excitement for upcoming biopics like Tom Holland’s on Fred Astaire, it’s important to note that he’s still more difficult to represent a well-known face. Indeed, many actors have taken up the challenge of playing other people … Read more

The electoral madness of Peru, portrayed in a book by journalist Diego Salazar

Putin says Russian Nobel laureate wont be declared foreign agent

This content was published on 24 November 2021 – 17:06 24 November 2021 – 17:06 Fernando Gimeno Lima, Nov 24 (EFE) .- The extreme polarization and political tension experienced in Peru during its last elections, with a country divided into two halves until now irreconcilable and a media that renounced impartiality, has been included in … Read more