James Baldwin, the writer who from his poverty achieved fame and intellectual prestige

James Baldwin the writer who from his poverty achieved fame

The famous American writer James Baldwinwho died in December 1987 and who lived almost all his life in France, wrote a month before he died in an important newspaper in Paris: “I am black, I am also gay and my face is not pretty. I am very short in stature and my physique is small; … Read more

We’re headed for widespread poverty, Rishi, don’t take more money – Reuters News in France and abroad

OK, let’s start with the good news. To be honest, there aren’t many. But there you go, hold your breath. Avocados are cheaper right now than they have been for about a year. At least sixpence. It is absolutely vital that Rishi Sunak abandons his ridiculous and damaging plan to raise National Insurance contributions1 credit … Read more

“Part of racism is idealizing poverty”: Velia Vidal

Part of racism is idealizing poverty Velia Vidal

Velia Vidal, founder and director of the Motete Educational and Cultural Corporation in Chocó. Photo: Elizabeth Gallón Droste Velia Vidal he loves to read with others and for others, he knows where he comes from, where he was born, also where he found the preparation he was looking for, but also where he found his … Read more

The very tough childhood of Charlene from Monaco: she was a refugee, lived in poverty but thanks to the love and support of her family she managed to become an Olympic athlete

The very tough childhood of Charlene from Monaco she was

Princess Charlène has faced her toughest year, amid constant rumors of divorce, a severe illness that has deteriorated her physically and mentally, and the recent death of people close to her circle, such as the Nobel Peace Prize-winning priest Desmond Tutu. But, in addition, who was nicknamed “the sad princess” is not the first time … Read more

‘Poverty and low academic performance are linked to each other’

Poverty and low academic performance are linked to each other

On December 7, the American Wendy Kopp received, in the city of Doha (Qatar), the Wise Prize, an award that is presented by the Qatar Foundation every two years at the Wise Summit in that city and that has come to be considered the ‘Nobel Prize for education’. She did so thanks to her work … Read more

Does Giving Money Reduce Poverty? Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate in Economics, has the answer

Does Giving Money Reduce Poverty Paul Romer Nobel Laureate in

Direct money transfers by governments do not help to solve the problems of unemployment and poverty in the nations. so direct stimuli and aggressive interventions are required in times of recession, said Paul Romer, 2018 Nobel Laureate in Economics. Incentive systems require more direct intervention, which could be helpful and more aggressive in getting people … Read more