Why the Foreign Ministry ruled out supporting Grossman for The Hague, despite pressure from former foreign ministers and diplomats | ex ante

The chancellor will speak this Thursday with the former agent of the Chilean lawsuit in The Hague and, according to various sources consulted by Ex-Ante, she will communicate the reasons why the government will not support her candidacy to become a judge of the International Court from The Hague. This morning the possibility of offering … Read more

LIVE – War in Ukraine: Russian pressure still strong on Donbass

War between Ukraine and Russiacase On this 76th day of the Russian invasion, fighting is intensifying in the south and east of the country. On the diplomatic scene, France has obtained a new meeting of the UN Security Council while Joe Biden promises to intensify American military aid. In summary : – Fighting is still … Read more

The US and the UN put pressure on Burma a year after the coup

The US and the UN put pressure on Burma a

First modification: 02/01/2022 – 01:02Last modification: 02/01/2022 – 01:00 Washington (AFP) – The international community increased pressure on the Burmese military junta on Monday, with sanctions from the United States and the United Kingdom and a UN investigation for “crimes against humanity”, a year after the coup. “Tragically, reports received over the past year suggest … Read more

Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp: unease and anger at the constant advance of tax pressure

1640819575 Catharsis of businessmen via WhatsApp unease and anger at the

The last stretch of the year found businessmen and women intertwining greetings from the weekend with messages loaded with pessimism. The trigger for the business malaise can be summarized in that they admit with dismay that the first concrete consequence of the political scene that emerged from December 10 until now aimed, in different ways, … Read more

Santos calls for maximum pressure on the OAS against Nicaragua

Santos calls for maximum pressure on the OAS against Nicaragua

The former president and Nobel Peace Prize Juan Manuel Santos asked in the last hours to evaluate Nicaragua in the Organization of American States (OAS). The request was made together with the former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso placeholder image, from Brazil; Laura chinchilla, from Costa Rica, and Ricardo Lagos, From Chile. (Also read: The US … Read more