Harry Styles will perform in Madrid and Barcelona next summer: ticket prices and where to buy them

Oscar 2022 The Power of the Dog Belfast Coda… Tout.octet stream

International superstar Harry Styles has announced this Friday the continuation of the Love On Tour in Europe with 19 new concerts in 2023, as well as adding new dates in Austin, Chicago and Sãu Paulo. Produced by Live Nation, the international tour of 83 concerts in 22 countries includes 44 nights in some of the … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: prices increase, when?

Amazon Prime Video prices increase when

PREMIUM VIDEO. The prices of the Amazon Prime subscription, which includes the Prime Video streaming platform, will increase from September 15. Pricing details. Summary [Mis à jour le 26 juillet 2022 à 8h56] Bad news for Amazon subscribers. The Prime subscription, which includes the platform of streaming Prime Video, will now cost more. Amazon announced … Read more

Israel offers to control Airbnb rentals to counter soaring prices

1654882877 Israel offers to control Airbnb rentals to counter soaring prices

An empty property is a lost opportunity to find accommodation, even if only for a day. Or at least that’s how the Israeli government sees it. In November 2021, when the government unveiled its plan for housing, one of the key elements was a proposal to crack down on short-term rentals – accommodation offered by … Read more

Hotel prices – The Champions League sets Paris on fire!

The Champions League final opposes Liverpool (England) to Real Madrid (Spain) on May 28. It will take place at the Stade de France, very close to Paris. Hoteliers took advantage of the event to raise their rates to incredible levels! If you want to come to Paris for the Ascension weekend and you have no … Read more

Netflix increases its prices in the United States to $19.99. Soon the turn of France?

Netflix increases its prices in the United States to 1999

⏰ 2 months ago Julian Russo 9 Since the beginning of the year, Netflix has displayed an impressive determination to increase its prices. After having shocked its users in Ireland with an evolution of the Premium plan to €20.99/month, Netflix continues this time in the United States. The streaming service has started an email warning … Read more

Why are the prices of clothes more and more expensive?

Why are the prices of clothes more and more

Fashion is not immune to the rise in ambient prices. Industry players tell us why clothes are getting more and more expensive. Energy, gasoline, food… The consumer prices riseof 4.5% over one year in March 2022 according to the latest figures from INSEE. In this context of general increase, due to the global coronavirus pandemic … Read more

Daily | Oilseed prices on March 11: Sharp rise in rapeseed prices, in the wake of canola and oil

Daily Oilseed prices on March 11 Sharp rise in

Rapeseed prices on the French physical market and Euronext rose sharply between March 10 and 11, like canola in Winnipeg and oil. Rapeseed on the European futures market again reached a high on Friday for the May deadline at 904.75 €/t. Old crop soybean prices in Chicago, meanwhile, followed the bearish trend of palm oil … Read more