Phantom Thread, or Daniel Day-Lewis’ brilliant farewell to the acting profession

Phantom Thread or Daniel Day Lewis brilliant farewell to the acting

It was heavy, the heart of moviegoers, learning the sad news. Just a few months after the acclaimed release of Phantom Thread (2017) in which he played the title role, Daniel Day-Lewis has announced that he is definitely turning his back on comedy. An astonishing decision on the part of the actor knighted by Queen … Read more

Jacques Gamblin: “Improvisation is the most beautiful thing that has been offered to me in this profession”

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Jacques Gamblin is one of those artists between heaven and earth, whose body seems to defy gravity. In front of the camera, this lover of words gradually moved from third to leading role, with in particular the success of “Soft Pedal” which revealed him to the general public. We can currently see him at the … Read more

Laura Pausini talks about how she has experienced inequity in her profession

Laura Pausini talks about how she has experienced inequity in

In the calm of his home in Rome and on the eve of the premiere of his documentary Laura Pausini: Nice to meet youin which reveals his passion for cinema and shares some of the personal moments and professionals who are part of its history, talk to MILLENNIUM of her role as a woman, of … Read more

Economist, profession on the rise: theory, data and a lot of “I think” that can give a strong boost to national development

1639966270 Economist profession on the rise theory data and a lot

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. Faced with a “widely favorable” situation that brings “a boom of opportunities” for economists, the SEU (Uruguayan … Read more

Nobel Prize Ceremony: Ressa and Muratov represent a profession with at least 1,636 murders in 20 years (46 in 2021) | Reporters Without Borders

Nobel Prize Ceremony Ressa and Muratov represent a profession with

For the first time in more than 80 years, the Nobel Peace Prize will be awarded, on Friday, December 10, to two journalists: the Filipino Maria Ressa and the Russian Dmitri Muratov. The two winners represent, according to the Nobel Committee, “the courageous fight for freedom of expression”, at a time when democracy and freedom … Read more