“Red Bull gives Putin wings”: The company is pressured to break ties with Russia

Red Bull gives Putin wings The company is pressured to

The banner that protesters put up at the Red Bull headquarters. Photo: Handout/Getty Images Red Bull faced the wrath of protesters, who unfurled a huge banner in support of Ukraine outside its headquarters. The banner of more than 400 m2 said ‘RED BULL GIVES PUTIN WINGS’ (Red Bull gives Putin wings) and shows Vladimir Putin … Read more

War in Ukraine: the strong warning about Vladimir Putin during the delivery of the Nobel Peace Prize

War in Ukraine the strong warning about Vladimir Putin during

Natalia Pinchuk on behalf of her husband, jailed Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski; the president of the Russian human rights organization Memorial, Yan Rachinsky; and the director of the Ukrainian Center for Civil Liberties (CCL), Oleksandra Matviichuk, pose with their Nobel Peace Prize certificates and medals – Credits: @SERGEI GAPON OSLO.- The winners of Ukraine, Russia … Read more

Oleksandra Romantsova: “If Putin wins as an autocrat, his strategy will be more popular”

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

World fame has come to the Ukrainian organization Center for Civil Liberties (CCL) since it was awarded the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize in October along with the Russian NGO Memorial and imprisoned Belarusian activist Alés Bialiatski. Its executive director, Oleksandra Romantsova, has spoken with The vanguard during a forum on his country organized by the … Read more

Oleksandra Matviichuk, Premio Nobel de la Paz 2022: “Putin no inició la invasión a Ucrania por miedo a la OTAN, sino porque le teme a la libertad”

Oleksandra Matviichuk Premio Nobel de la Paz 2022 Putin no

Oleksandra Matviichuk, ganadora del Premio Nobel de la Paz 2022 y directora del Centro para las Libertades Civiles (Maximiliano Luna) La Asociación Ucraniana de Cultura “Prosvita” reúne elementos culturales representativos de la historia del país y fue el escenario perfecto para una entrevista exclusiva de Infobae con la abogada y activista por los derechos humanos, … Read more

Italy: Berlusconi “reconnects” with Putin and attacks Zelensky, malaise in the coalition

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

kyiv: Ukraine on Wednesday accused Russia of preparing a “mass deportation” of people from recently annexed territories, where the evacuation of civilians from Kherson has begun and Vladimir Putin has declared martial law, a sign that he is now in an “incredibly difficult situation”, according to Joe Biden. At the same time, Russian bombardments continued … Read more

Nobel Peace Prize 2022: a slap in the face for Putin | D.W. | 07.10.2022

Nobel Peace Prize 2022 a slap in the face for

With the decision of the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize, a message is sent to public opinion in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine; moreover, to the whole world: we distinguish those who, in Eastern Europe, have the courage to name by name the monstrous crimes of the Vladimir Putin regime. We distinguish those who are willing to … Read more

How much will Putin influence the Nobel Prize for Literature?

How much will Putin influence the Nobel Prize for Literature

Vladimir Sorokin. A Russian dissident. My colleague -and friend- Hinde Pomeraniec it alerts me: eye that can win Mircea Cartarescu. It hardly goes without saying what he can win: this Thursday the Nobel Prize for Literature is announced and we journalists are trying to catch clues in the air. Cartarescu’s name has been on the … Read more

Strong statements by Vladimir Putin: he threatened a total power cut, described a European initiative as ‘stupid’ and mocked Obama’s Nobel Prize

Strong statements by Vladimir Putin he threatened a total power

The Russian president also stated that the goal of the invasion of Ukraine was to protect breakaway regions and end military action against them. An economic forum in a remote Russian city was the setting chosen by Russian President Vladimir Putin to launch some of his strongest statements about the war in Ukraine and the … Read more