“Nuclear security cannot be left in the hands of Putin”, the warning of a Nobel Peace Prize winner

“It is up to the West to put this pressure on Russia, to negotiate nuclear disarmament and also to put pressure on China to meet,” Fihn said in an interview in Vienna. Trusting that regimes like Russia or China will not use their nuclear bombs is a risk that the West must face by betting … Read more

LIVE – Macron dampens kyiv’s hopes of quick EU membership, Putin says Russian army defends “fatherland”

5:16 Biden fears Putin can’t find a way out of the war US President Joe Biden has expressed concern that Russian President Vladimir Putin has no way out of the war in Ukraine, several US media report, including the Reuters news agency. 4:24 Special Pulitzer Prize for Ukrainian Journalists Ukrainian journalists are being awarded a … Read more

Negotiating with Putin is the only way out, assures Oscar Arias

San José Apr 10 (elmundocr) – The former President of the Republic and Nobel Peace Prize winner, Oscar Arias Sánchez assured that “negotiating with Putin is the only way out”. For the former president, “as the crisis in Ukraine worsens, so does the need for negotiations.” Given this, he recalled that “UN Secretary General Antonio … Read more

Nobel Prize-winning journalist and critic of Putin is attacked with paint on train

Nobel Peace Prize-winning publisher Dmitry Muratov was attacked with red oil paint and acetone on a train for his criticism of President Vladimir Putin and his media coverage of the war in Ukraine. Muratov, editor-in-chief of the newspaper Novaya Gazetasaid the attacker spilled the acetone paint on his sleeping compartment on the train traveling from … Read more

Vargas Llosa: “Galdós was far from imagining monsters like Putin”

The writer Mario Vargas Llosa publishes ‘The quiet gaze (by Pérez Galdós)’ (Alfaguara), his literary study project of the complete works of the author of ‘Fortunata y Jacinta’, who “was very far from imagining monsters” like the current Russian President Vladimir Putin. “Galdós did not have a perverse imagination to portray the equivalent of the … Read more

A historic Russian human rights NGO persecuted by Putin closed: “A return to the totalitarian past is possible”

FILE PHOTO: Lawyer Ilya Novikov speaks to the media outside the Moscow City Court building after a hearing to consider the closure of the Memorial human rights center in Moscow, Russia December 29, 2021. REUTERS /Evgenia Novozhenina The Memorial Human Rights Center, one of the most prominent human rights organizations, announced its closure this Tuesday … Read more

Why Putin is facing “more NATO” in the Arctic after Ukraine invasion

The sound of gunfire echoed around the Norwegian fjords as a line of Swedish and Finnish soldiers, positioned behind snowbanks, trained rifles and missile launchers on nearby hills ready for an enemy attack. The drill, in March, was the first time Finnish and Swedish forces had formed a combined brigade in a scheduled NATO exercise … Read more

Negotiating with Putin is the only way out

As the crisis in Ukraine deepens, so does the need for negotiations. The Secretary General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterresha warned that Ukraine is being “decimated before the eyes of the world” and that the only reasonable option is “an immediate cessation of hostilities and serious negotiations based on the principles of UN Charter … Read more