On receiving Nobel Peace Prize, Ukrainians and Russians criticize Putin’s “senseless” war

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

The winners from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus of the Nobel Peace Prize rejected Vladimir Putin’s “senseless and criminal” war, receiving on Saturday the prestigious award in Oslo. Originally from the three main countries involved in the conflict, the Belarusian militant Ales Beliatski (imprisoned in his country), the Russian NGO Memorial (dissolved by justice) and the … Read more

Santiago Velázquez: “Russian literature should not pay for Putin’s follies”

Santiago Velazquez Russian literature should not pay for Putins follies

Declaring oneself enthusiastic about the great names of Russian literature is a sign of good taste, but at the same time a gesture that some find inappropriate today. Santiago Velázquez (Madrid, 1977), author of the recently published write in the snow (Calligrama), twenty synthetic biographies of giants such as Tolstói, Dostoievski, Pasternak, Ajmátova or Solzhenitsyn. … Read more

Woman skating champion, girl influencer… The very glamorous family of Putin’s spokesperson

Woman skating champion girl influencer… The very glamorous family of

By Ariane Chemin Published today at 05:30 Reserved for our subscribers InvestigationDmitri Peskov, the father, is the chief communicator of the Russian president. His wife, an Olympic skating champion, was a regular at the Cannes Film Festival. His daughter Liza, perfectly French-speaking, was an intern at the European Parliament and the Senate. The story of … Read more

Putin’s nuclear “blackmail” is “very dangerous” (Nobel Peace Prize)

Putins nuclear blackmail is very dangerous Nobel Peace Prize

Russian President Vladimir Putin uses nuclear “blackmail” to prevent the world from helping Ukraine, something “very dangerous”, denounced Tuesday Béatrice Fihn, head of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN, for its acronym in English). , NGO awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2017. “I think it’s one of the scariest times when it … Read more

A history of censorship and persecution: Vladimir Putin’s fight against independent Russian media

A history of censorship and persecution Vladimir Putins fight against

A press worker is detained by Russian police during a protest in St. Petersburg (REUTERS / Stringer) Ivan Kolpakoveditor-in-chief of jellyfishone of Russia’s most popular independent media outlets, expected the government to block public access to its website every day since the war with Ukraine began. On Friday morning it finally happened. But then the … Read more

BBC journalists leave Russia over Putin’s decision to sanction “fake news”

BBC journalists leave Russia over Putins decision to sanction fake

the english news network BBC suspended this Friday “temporarily” the work of its journalists on Russiain response to a new law implemented by Vladimir Putinwhich stipulates that anyone who has spread “false” news about the conflict in Ukraine. The general manager of that media outlet, Tim Davisindicated that the new provision “criminalizes the process of … Read more

“Shame on the crazed tyrant”: Russian liberals’ reaction to Putin’s war with Ukraine | Free lyrics

Shame on the crazed tyrant Russian liberals reaction to Putins

On Thursday, February 24, I woke up in Moscow to messages from people in different parts of the world, many of whom I had not heard from in a long time: they were worried about my safety. I was afraid to find out what had happened. When I checked the news and found out that … Read more

Putin’s Supreme Court ordered the closure of Memorial, an NGO emblem of individual freedoms in Russia

Putins Supreme Court ordered the closure of Memorial an NGO

The Supreme Court that answers to Vladimir Putin ordered the closure of the prestigious NGO Memorial International, defender of civil liberties of Russians (Reuters) The cut Supreme Russian who responds to the president Vladimir Putin ordered the closure of the organization on Tuesday Memorial International, emblem of civil society for its defense of the freedoms … Read more