Real estate. From 5 to 13 € per m²: the rent map for apartments and houses in Côte-d’Or

Real estate From 5 to 13 E per m² the

This is a brand new indicator that could serve you well if you are looking to rent an apartment or a house in Côte-d’Or. The Ministry of Ecological Transition and the National Agency for Housing Information published, at the start of 2023, the very first rent map in France. And, depending on the departments, the … Read more

Nîmes: the Semaphore notes a “real increase in attendance” since the start of the school year

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Despite the difficulties, the works or the price of energy, Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, director of independent cinema, remains optimistic. “The Semaphore is recovering, like all the rest of the operation, but a little better than the others”welcomes Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, the director of independent cinema. “From September, we noticed a real increase in attendance and above all, … Read more

Bad Gyal, Quevedo and the golden miniskirt of their video together, ‘Real G’

The battle for the metaverse gaming brands and crypto communities

bad gyal is the golden girl who breaks corduroy in the video of ‘Real G’the collaboration that he launched at the beginning of the month with Quevedo. Two of the greatest ambassadors of urban music, with Rosalía’s permission, have come together to pay tribute to the ‘real G’, a term used in the ‘hiphopa’ community … Read more

Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors: Future Congress 2023 lands to explore the metaverse “with no limit to what is real” – La Tercera

1671188590 Two Nobel Prize winners and more than 100 exhibitors Future

The UC Visual Arts Museum launched the twelfth version of Congreso Futuro 2023, the most important platform for the exchange of ideas and thought in Latin America, a free event co-organized by Fundación Encuentros del Futuro and the Challenges of the Future Commission of the Chilean Senate. It will take place from January 16 to … Read more

The English Patient (Arte): which real historical character appears in the film with nine Oscars?

Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

This Wednesday, December 7, 2022 at 8:55 p.m. Arte is broadcasting the excellent film byAnthony Minghella, The English Patient, a war film but also a romantic film. A 1996 feature film set at the end of World War II when a plane flying over the Sahara Desert is shot down. Severely burned and amnesiac, the … Read more

Scientists have shown that the universe is not locally real: before a new scientific paradigm?

The physical universe as we know it is not locally real says a team of Nobel Prize-winning scientists from physical. This is one of the most disturbing discoveries of the last half century. What does this mean? something is real in physical to the extent that its properties remain stable and constant, only being able … Read more

“Putin se lo habría pensado antes de invadir Ucrania si hubiera enfrentado una oposición real a su intervención en Siria”: Tawakkol Karman, premio Nobel de la Paz – BBC News Mundo

Putin se lo habria pensado antes de invadir Ucrania si

Margarita Rodríguez HayFestivalQuerétaro@BBCMundo 1 hora Fuente de la imagen, Getty Images Pie de foto, En junio, Karman visitó -junto a dos ganadoras del Nobel de la Paz- Ucrania y Polonia para pedir el fin de la invasión rusa a su país vecino. Tenía 32 años y estaba dentro de una carpa, en una plaza pública, … Read more

9 things you didn’t know (or did) about Bad Bunny: from his real name to all his Grammy Awards

bad bunny He has become the successor of Daddy Yankee and is currently one of the kings of urban music, if not the only one. He is capable of achieving incredible records in less than 24 hours and making the whole world vibrate with his authentic hits. More than 41 million congregate on his Instagram … Read more