Barcelona is one step behind Real Madrid, although Xavi and Ancelotti are similar technicians

Barcelona is one step behind Real Madrid although Xavi and

A few weeks have passed since Xavi stated that there is “an abysmal difference” between Real Madrid and Barcelona. Honestly, it would be a surprise if the White House does not highlight the truth of his words in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup that will be played this Wednesday (with LIVE transmission via … Read more

Lady Gaga’s masks were the real winners of the MTV VMAs | CNN

1641176824 Lady Gagas masks were the real winners of the MTV

“Rain On Me”, the new video of Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga 0:48 (CNN) – At the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Lady Gaga asked viewers to wear a mask. And she set the example. During her multiple appearances on the show, Gaga showed off an impressive collection of masks, but it’s fair to … Read more

The real increase in the minimum wage, a long-standing discussion

The real increase in the minimum wage a long standing discussion

This week the negotiation of the minimum wage for 2022 was finalized, after President Iván Duque proposed an increase of 10.07%. Pros and cons. This is a space for free and independent expression that exclusively reflects the views of the authors and does not compromise the thought or opinion of Las2Orillas. This week the negotiation … Read more

We unravel the real story behind Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! on Netflix

We unravel the real story behind Tick Tick… ​​Boom on

The questions of the thirties of yesterday and today are at the heart of the cinematographic concerns of the moment: Julie (in 12 chapters), The Olympics and today Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! are so many magnificent films on this difficult passage to adulthood. If, in France, the culture of musical is much less significant than in … Read more

The real story behind the movie “Tick Tick… ​​Boom! »With Andrew Garfield

The real story behind the movie Tick Tick… ​​Boom With

In January 1996, after years of hardship and odd jobs, Jonathan larson, an American composer and playwright, is finalizing his musical called Rent. The rock opera is an adaptation of the novel by Henry Murger, Scenes from Bohemian Life and opera Bohemian by Giacomo Puccini. On the night of January 25, after the final rehearsals … Read more

“It is a real pride to be part of the team of a Nobel Prize winner”

It is a real pride to be part of the

What has been the way to become part of a team as prestigious as Dr. Benjamin List, at the Max Planck Institut fu? R Kohlenforschung in Germany? I studied Chemistry at the University of Barcelona and, when I finished a master’s degree in Organic Chemistry at the same university, I contacted different research groups that … Read more

Real estate: 5 good reasons to live in Cannes

Real estate 5 good reasons to live in Cannes

Stroll on the Croisette It is the emblematic place of Cannes! With its 3 kilometers long, its palm trees, its large sandy beach, its mythical palaces and its casinos, the famous Croisette offers you a magnificent paradisiacal panorama on the big blue. Walk the Chemin des Etoiles to discover the footprints of the greatest actors … Read more

NBA – How Devin Booker (Phoenix Suns) Became A Real NBA Boss

NBA How Devin Booker Phoenix Suns Became A Real

No one could foresee the sudden and refreshing rise of the Phoenix Suns. Not even the franchise itself. Who could have really imagined that this team that finished the season with 19 poor wins in 2019 would play the Conference finals in 2021? Who could have imagined that she would even be in a position … Read more