This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle, USA, after receiving six Latin Grammy nominations

This is how Carlos Vives lived his concert in Seattle

Carlos Vives transmits happiness to his fans on social networks because of his “After all, Vives” tour. Instagram: Carlos Vives The tour that leads Carlos Vives in the North American country it has gone satisfactorily. Despite the challenges he has had to go through, the singer is determined to continue with his projects and to … Read more

Speech by Elisa Loncon upon receiving an award in Spain: “With the process of the Constitutional Convention, today Chile is experiencing a new story”

The first president of the Constituent Convention, Elisa Loncon, received the René Cassin Award for Human Rights this Wednesday in the Basque Country. “Árrat saldeón. Mari mari pu lamgen mari mari pu Vascoce. Pewmagele kom kvme felaymvn. Wenu caw, Wenu ñuke, Wenu vlca, Wenu wece keyuneyiñmu kvme amuleal tvfaci zugu,” he said in a speech … Read more

Receiving a Nobel in the third world puts your existence at risk: Wole Soyinka

Receiving a Nobel in the third world puts your

Nigerian writer Wole Soyinka, the first black author to receive the Nobel Prize for Literature, said that receiving the award in the third world “is a double-edged sword” in most cases, since it also entails “a risk to one’s own existence.” There is not a single human being who does not value receiving an award, … Read more

Kendrick Lamar: “I have written all my life, so receiving the Pulitzer is wonderful”

Kendrick Lamar I have written all my life so receiving

The American rapper, considered the spokesperson for the African-American community, officially received the award on Wednesday in the music category at the ceremony at Columbia University in New York. He is the first popular music artist to be so honored with the prestigious award. He received it in all humility, without speech or comment. On … Read more

María Ressa was my boss before receiving the Nobel and I have seen her fight against giants

1634193503 Maria Ressa was my boss before receiving the Nobel and

10/08/2021 – 20:10 Updated: 08/10/2021 – 20:10 The last time I saw my old boss María Ressa, about three years ago in New York, she was not worried about being arrested on her return to the Philippines. Her friends and family had told her to consider staying in the United States, as she has dual … Read more

The day Hitler banned three scientists from receiving the Nobel

The period of Nazism is one of the darkest times in human history. The crimes perpetuated under the orders of Adolf Hitler marked a before and after; However, a lesser-known chapter of the Third Reich is the one dealing with the three German scientists who were prohibited them from receiving the Nobel Prize. ➡️ The … Read more