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Movie theater Oscars 2022 a selection focused on initiatory stories

Content Disclaimer: The following article contains discussions of suicide, depression, racism and rape.Many people notice that a girl’s first love is her father; although of course this is not always the case, it tends to happen often. As a child, having a healthy bond with your parents is crucial; it promotes mental, emotional and linguistic … Read more

On cause-effect relationships and the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

On cause effect relationships and the 2021 Nobel Prize in Economics

The dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy defines causality as “law by virtue of which effects are produced”. And it is evident that without knowledge of this type of law we cannot aspire to understand facts and phenomena of interest. In fact, scientific research consists of nothing more than the aspiration to understand how the … Read more

Tom Holland’s Girlfriends: Dating Zendaya & Her Past Relationships E! News UK

1639124913 Tom Hollands Girlfriends Dating Zendaya Her Past Relationships E

Tom Holland is currently engaged in a love affair with Zendaya, but he’s been with other actresses (and low-key flames) before. Here, we break down his dating history and the women he passed out from. English-born actor Tom holland began his career in entertainment as a dancer before moving to the theater. The 25-year-old Briton … Read more

Opinion | How to identify cause-effect relationships? Award for credibility in Economics

Opinion How to identify cause effect relationships Award for credibility

In the last decades economics has become (for the better) much more empirical and data-driven. From an abstract discipline in which dark theories were developed by characters raised by disciples and creators of schools of thought confronting each other, it has passed to another much closer to reality. Now, as in the so-called “hard sciences”, … Read more