Leaders and intellectuals of the region ask Ciro Gomes to renounce his candidacy | Referents of progressivism want the Labor candidate to support Lula in the Brazilian elections

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An open letter signed by left-wing politicians and intellectuals of several Latin American countries asks Labor Cyrus Gomes that renounce his presidential candidacy Y support the former president of Brazil Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, favorite for the elections of the second of October. Under the title “Open letter to Ciro Gomes: what must be … Read more

Opeka, Nobel Peace Prize candidate, writes to Putin: “Stop the war, renounce the dictatorship and dualities”

Opeka Nobel Peace Prize candidate writes to Putin Stop the

In a colloquial tone, the priest expresses bitterness and sadness for his actions full of “madness and megalomania” in order to impose imperialism on a brother nation. He also criticized him for the fact that in his “derailed domain” the only option was war Oteka urges to condemn the heinous actions against the Ukrainian people … Read more