Yan Rachinsky, Nobel Peace Prize 2022: “In some aspects we have returned to the USSR with important mechanisms of repression”

Climate Book authenticity in Greta Thunbergs latest work

– Advertising- I was lucky enough to be able to interview the recent Nobel Peace Prize 2022, President of the NGO Memorial that I present here. How has the world changed, especially Russia in these years? During perestroika, everyone had similar ideas. Glasnost brought freedom of expression and free thought and that was vital for … Read more

Student Oscars: a reward for the French animated film on the repression of Algerian demonstrators in Paris in 1961

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

The Student Oscars were held yesterday, Thursday October 20, in Los Angeles. A French animated film returning to the repression of Algerian demonstrators by the police in Paris in 1961 was rewarded there. Very followed in Hollywood, the Oscars Students, who were held yesterday in Los Angeles, rewarded a French animated film which looks back … Read more

Fake Champions League tickets: what means of repression? | Picardy the Gazette

Dollar closed at 415177 on average and is 123 away

The score of the Champions League final at the Stade de France, which pitted Real Madrid against Liverpool at the end of May, may not be remembered. On the other hand, the fiasco of the organization of this sporting event at the Stade de France, marked by the question of counterfeit tickets (alleged or real), … Read more

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression | song in the wind

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression

40 years ago – a minute before Malvinas, even before the CGT march on March 30 – the dictatorship began to fall. A cycle of concerts in the middle of Corrientes street defied censorship and repression and, in the same gesture, gave birth to an aesthetic (and ideological) idea that was foundational at the time: … Read more

Dmitry Muratov, a Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner in the midst of repression

Dmitry Muratov a Russian Nobel Peace Prize winner in the

Published on : 12/11/2021 – 13:47Modified : 12/11/2021 – 13:48 It is a monument of Russian journalism which received, Friday, December 10 in Oslo, the Nobel Peace Prize. Co-founder and editor-in-chief of “ Novaya Gazeta “, Dmitry Muratov is the third Russian to obtain this distinction after the human rights activist Andrei Sakharov and the … Read more

Fanny Pollarolo, the Chilean psychiatrist who took care of the mental health of hundreds of victims of political repression in the midst of the military dictatorship

Fanny Pollarolo is a Chilean psychiatrist and politician born in 1935 who contributed to the fight for human rights and feminist mobilization in the years of resistance to the civic-military dictatorship. She was the first professional in her family; After graduating as a medical surgeon in 1961 at the University of Chile School of Medicine, … Read more

Marco Bellocchio, an honorary Palme d’Or for the great filmmaker of repression

1634248829 Marco Bellocchio an honorary Palme dOr for the great filmmaker

The great Italian director was invited to the Cannes Film Festival for a masterclass and the presentation of a very personal documentary, “Marx can wait”, about his twin brother who committed suicide at the age of 29. He will also receive an honorary Palme d’Or during the closing ceremony. After Thierry Frémaux announced it as … Read more