From the Goonies to the Golden Globes, look back at the miraculous resurrection of Ke Huy Quan

From the Goonies to the Golden Globes look back at

The Everything Everywhere All at Once actor is living his best life during Oscar season. What revenge for Ke Huy Quan ! revealed in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984) with the character of Demi-Lune, then in The Goonies (1985) where he played Data, the actor of Vietnamese origin finally knows the consecration … Read more

Analysis | Aníbal vs. Máximo: An unexpected resurrection of the Billiken

In the times when populism with money could indulge in all the luxuries, Aníbal Fernández was encouraged to publish a book that barely survives today, completely resigned to his fate as an unrepentant tenant in the liquidation and sale bateas. That book had the intention of continuing the Manual de zonceras argentinas, by Arturo Jauretche, … Read more