Pulitzer Prize 2017: Newspapers attacked by Donald Trump rewarded

Pulitzer Prize 2017 Newspapers attacked by Donald Trump rewarded

The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal where the New York Times… The prestigious Pulitzer Prizes for American journalism have rewarded several articles on the American electoral campaign this year. Investigations carried out in particular by journalists working in publications repeatedly pointed out by the new President of the United States, Donald Trump. >> To … Read more

Oscars 2021: the French Florian Zeller doubly rewarded

Oscars 2021 the French Florian Zeller doubly rewarded

The most performed French author in the world, the playwright triumphs with his first feature film, The Father. He won the prize for the best adapted screenplay. And its main actor, Anthony Hopkins, the coveted one of the best actor. Appointed six times, The Father, one of the works of the evening where French talents … Read more

Bayeux Prize: reports from Afghanistan, Yemen and Burma rewarded

Bayeux Prize reports from Afghanistan Yemen and Burma rewarded

Published on : 09/10/2021 – 20:07 The Bayeux Prize, which pays tribute to journalists exercising their profession in perilous conditions, unveiled its prize list on Saturday, October 9. The Bayeux War Correspondents Prize was awarded on Saturday 9 October to reports broadcast by the German weekly Zeit Magazin in the written press, The New York … Read more

Edward Snowden’s revelations rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize

1635307994 Edward Snowdens revelations rewarded with a Pulitzer Prize

Former US National Security Agency consultant Edward Snowden speaks from Russia at the Austin High-Tech Festival on March 10. BERNARD MONASTEROLO A Pulitzer Prize, the main award that can crown the work of American journalists, devoted Monday April 14 the American edition of Guardian and The Washington Post. The jury welcomes their publication of the … Read more

Pulitzer: war against Trump’s “fake news” rewarded

Pulitzer war against Trumps fake news rewarded

Published on : 04/11/2017 – 14:42Modified : 04/11/2017 – 20:16 On the evening of Monday April 10, the award ceremony for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize was held. Every year since 1917, he has returned to the best journalistic works published the previous year in American newspapers. Between a particularly agitated electoral campaign, long-term surveys and … Read more