“Daisy Miller”, the cataclysm in costumes that ruined the career of Peter Bogdanovich

A GLANCE FROM PIERRE MURAT — In 1974, the director shone with a thousand lights in the new Hollywood of Friedkin and Coppola. But his adaptation of the novel by Henry James will experience a bitter failure which will begin his decline. This is the story of a beautiful American. Passionate and voluble. Innocent, but … Read more

Katt Williams Claims Her Own Crew Once Ruined Her Chances of Winning a Comedy Grammy Award

Comedian Katt Williams has worked hard to become one of the most successful and attractive comedy actresses. Her variety in her genre even earned her an Emmy Award in the Donald Glover movie. atlanta after his first nomination. But one award he hasn’t won is a Grammy. This was in part because, according to Williams, … Read more