Fernando Balseca: Centennial Saramago | Columnists | Opinion

Fernando Balseca Centennial Saramago Columnists Opinion

The thought and writing of the Portuguese writer José Saramago (1922-2010) is so universal that it can be affirmed that, at this precise moment, he is speaking to us, since his literary work has an incredible capacity to investigate the human being and its contradictions. His narrative art always presents paradoxical situations that force readers … Read more

Rodolfo Alpízar: “Traduciendo a José Saramago me siento muy cómodo”

Rodolfo Alpizar Traduciendo a Jose Saramago me siento muy comodo

Corría la mitad del 2020 —año infausto y tremebundo— cuando me enfrasqué en la lectura, emocionado hasta las células, de Empecinadamente vivos, novela de la autoría de Rodolfo Alpízar. Llevado y traído por esa lectura propuse entonces al narrador, lingüista y traductor una entrevista. No conozco personalmente a Rodolfo Alpízar. Escribir de un colega a … Read more

‘Saramago on the screen’, a tribute to the work of the nob…

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

Filmoteca Canaria begins a cycle with some of the film adaptations of its most iconic works Canarian Film Library joins the centenary of José Saramago with a cycle that includes several film adaptations of the most iconic works of the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner. The titles chosen are ‘José y Pilar’, ‘Enemy’, ‘A blind’ and … Read more

Conil remembers the centenary of Saramago with the biography written by Juan Pinilla

Atomos ultrafrios vestidos con luz para simular teoria fisica

The program Conil reads on the beach continues its good course after the success of the presentation of dirty love by Juan José Téllez with Rozalén, Pasión Vega and Lucía Sócam last Sunday. Thus, this Thursday, August 25, it is the turn to the singer and researcher Juan Pinilla which joins the centenary of the … Read more

Saramago, an author who anticipated the plague – Barrigaverde.net

Ten years after the death of the Portuguese Nobel Prize winner, Essay on blindness is read as a prophecy of the current pandemic By Daniel Gigena This year (2020), due to the unexpected arrival of Covid-19, the name of José Saramago reappeared in the public debate because an anticipatory character was attributed to some of … Read more

Literary tourism: The most personal Lisbon of José Saramago

Literary tourism The most personal Lisbon of Jose Saramago

Lisbon, overlooking the Tagus, is, in addition to being one of the most irresistibly beautiful cities in the world, one of the most literary. The trams go up and down the steep streets and walk the human types that inspired Fernando Pessoa and his infinite heteronyms, José Cardoso Pires and Antònio Lobo Antunes and even … Read more

José Saramago, la armonía vital con su legado literario (I)

Se llama escritor al individuo que se dedica a escribir, en cristalizar ideas a través de la palabra. Generalmente se utiliza esta definición para aquel que concibe obras escritas, sobre todo si pertenecen al ámbito de la literatura, término que no tomó verdadera carta de naturaleza hasta el siglo XVIII ya que anteriormente, por ejemplo, … Read more

Pilar del Río: ‘Saramago was a radical feminist’

Pilar del Rio Saramago was a radical feminist

Pilar del Río is visiting Argentina. “The work of Saramago in this centenary it is as if it had blossomed, suddenly it opens…we had it there and now we rediscover it, giving off a magnificent language and current aroma”, says Pilar del Río, wife and translator into Spanish of the work of the Nobel Prize … Read more

José Saramago: life as writing and commitment

Jose Saramago life as writing and commitment

The writer José Saramago (Azinhaga, Portugal, 1922 – Tías (Lanzarote), Spain, 2010) received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1998, an event that marked his life by making him a world public figure, despite the fact that his name was already known in Europe thanks to more than one controversy in his country due to … Read more