A documentary on the life of (Jewish) writer Saul Bellow

1674245948 A documentary on the life of Jewish writer Saul Bellow

JTA — Given his place in the international literary elite, it’s hard to believe that no documentary has yet been made about Jewish Nobel Prize winner Saul Bellow. It is now ancient history since the broadcast, last week on PBS, of “American Masters: The Adventures of Saul Bellow”. This documentary by Israeli director Asaf Galay, … Read more

Historian Saul Friedländer, Holocaust survivor, receives the Balzan Prize

Historian Saul Friedländer, survivor of the Shoah, received the Balzan Prize on July 1 at the Federal Palace in Bern for his life’s work in the study of the Shoah and genocide. The prize was awarded to him last September, for a discount this summer. Nearly 90 years old, the researcher was rewarded for “the … Read more