Cinema: “Robuste” or the story of a meeting that saves, with Depardieu

Cinema Robuste or the story of a meeting that saves

PARIS: Without being known to literary journalists, and very little to the general public, Mélissa Da Costa sold more than 600,000 books last year: discretion succeeds in this novelist who describes herself as “instinctive”. This former communications officer was the big surprise in the GfK ranking of the ten best-selling authors in France in 2021: … Read more

Diabetes: a hundred years of insulin, an injection that saves lives

1641954387 Diabetes a hundred years of insulin an injection that saves

A century ago the name of the adolescent Leonard Thompson entered the history of the treatment of diabetes. Seriously ill, he received an injected dose of insulin in a Canadian hospital, a puncture that would mean the difference between life and death. Look at this: Is “Deltacron” a laboratory error or a new variant of … Read more