Nîmes: the Semaphore notes a “real increase in attendance” since the start of the school year

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

Despite the difficulties, the works or the price of energy, Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, director of independent cinema, remains optimistic. “The Semaphore is recovering, like all the rest of the operation, but a little better than the others”welcomes Jean-Sylvain Minsenn, the director of independent cinema. “From September, we noticed a real increase in attendance and above all, … Read more

Gabi Martínez: “I started playing jota at school, but AC/DC changed my chip”

This is how the red carpet of the MTV Video

He’s been in that ‘City of Angels’ for a few years to which the Red Hot Chilli Peppers sang…Seven and a half! There is a mandatory adaptation period in this city, you don’t really understand how it works until you have been in it for a while; in my case, two years, not to mention … Read more

Jessica Chastain explains why she dropped out of high school

Todays ephemeris August 12 2022 What happened on August 12

Jessica Chastain didn’t have an easy life growing up, but she says that without this turbulent family life, she would never have discovered her deep love for acting. While discussing her new role as Tammy Wynette in the upcoming six-part biopic, George & Tammy nearby Guardian, the actress opened up about her own struggles as … Read more

Teacher specialized in school reinsertion is the new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022 – Virtual Educa News

Teacher specialized in school reinsertion is the new winner of

Dropping out of school is a critical reality in the current context and María Francisca Elgueta (33 years old), the brand new winner of the Global Teacher Prize Chile 2022 (GTP), knows it well. The History teacher works at the Brittany School in La Granja, Metropolitan Region, where her students are young people who have … Read more

France: Goncourt high school students in Sabyl Ghoussoub for “Beyrouth-sur-Seine”

PARIS: Died Sunday, Dominique Lapierre, who made India his second homeland, was as much a philanthropist as a successful writer who sold, with his “pen brother” the American Larry Collins, some 50 million copies of their six novels, including “Is Paris Burning?”. “It’s not enough to be a best-selling author, you have to fight against … Read more

United States: a school decides to ban “Maus”, the Pulitzer Prize for Art Spiegelman on the Holocaust

United States a school decides to ban Maus the Pulitzer

A school in Tennessee has banned an award-winning Holocaust graphic novel from its classrooms. In question: several swear words and illustrations of naked mice, cartoon style. It’s a ‘crazy’ move for graphic novel author Art Spiegelman Maus: A survivor tells, and son of Auschwitz survivors. The author, who chose to illustrate how his own parents … Read more

Guillermo Fournier Ramos: School of Peace

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

How do you build a peaceful society? This question is discussed in multiple spaces, including forums, security roundtables, and academic circles. The issue is no less if we consider that one of the basic conditions for creating developed and stable societies is to guarantee that people feel safe in their environment. Of course, institutions are … Read more

A day like today in 1970 Aerosmith performs its first concert at a high school

Why the Famine Bill is a Good Deal Joseph

AFP The pope celebrates mass in Bahrain and families of those sentenced to death ask for your support Some 30,000 people attended the mass celebrated by Pope Francis on Saturday at Bahrain’s national stadium, on the third day of his visit, which was marked by a protest by families of those sentenced to death in … Read more

The work of the Pôle 3D, Roubaix animation school, on the podium of the Student Oscars!

The work of the Pole 3D Roubaix animation school on

By Margot Nicodeme Published on 23 Oct 22 at 9:02 Lille News See my news Follow this media Tears of the Seine has so far received some 76 awards. Will he go to the official Oscars? The answer in December! (©Pôle 3D Roubaix) For several years, nothing seems to be able to stop the rise … Read more

The first literary prize of the new school year for Blandine Rinkel

The first literary prize of the new school year for scaled

BEIRUT: Surrounded by pine forests, steep cliffs and impressive waterfalls, the city of Jezzine is a top holiday resort in Lebanon. It is renowned for its old residences, which recall the glorious period of this city perched 950 meters in the south of the Cedar country. On the spot, one finds the restaurants established near … Read more