Movie theater. Lebanon: “Facing the sea”, a story of a bloodless country | Western Mail

Playing Jana, back in her native Lebanon after two years in Paris, requires great sensitivity. The actress Manal Issa, now based in Angers but a citizen of the world, is not lacking in it and we feel that the role entrusted to her by Ely Dagher for her first feature film has not yet left … Read more

Ely Dagher: “Facing the sea is based on my own journey”

With his first feature, the Lebanese filmmaker signs a bewitching portrait of Beirut, through the eyes of a returning expatriate camped by the intense Manal Issa. Meet. How was born In front of the sea ? Ely Dagher: After directing the animated short Waves’98 (Palme d’Or du court at Cannes 2015), where we followed a … Read more

“Of Dolphins and Men”: a documentary on stranded dolphins and the opposition between Sea Sheperd and fishermen

For the past few years, the NGO Sea Shepherd has been warning with shocking images of the carnage of common dolphins stranded on the beaches, due, according to it, to overfishing. At the forefront of the accused, the fishermen who rather evoke a recent proliferation of the species. Director Mathurin Peschet investigated this phenomenon and … Read more

Luxury and white splendor by the sea: De Haan graces the Belgian coast

Anyone wandering through De Haan could feel transported back to the 19th century, thanks to the cheery windows and turrets and beautifully decorated balcony railings. Belle Époque hotels and elegant holiday villas characterize the small resort on the Belgian North Sea coast. Visitors are fascinated by the charm of the spa. A three kilometer circular … Read more

The exploitation of oil in the Argentine sea collides with environmentalists

Platform of the Norwegian oil company Equinor in the North SeaINTS KALNINS (REUTERS) Oil is at its highest price since 2014 and producing companies are looking for new territories to conquer. The Argentine sea is one of the coveted: the Government of Alberto Fernández has at least 15 requests for oil exploration in its waters … Read more

The Korean conquest continues: after “Squid Game” and “Hellbound”, “The Silent Sea” carves out a place in the top 10 Belgium of the moment

Posted on Thursday, December 30, 2021 at 11:13 a.m. Through LV Signed Ciné-Télé-Revue After the worldwide success of “Squid Game” and its mortal children’s games, the Land of the Morning Calm delivers a new tense fiction that, this time, sends you straight to the moon. Is South Korea the new El Dorado of popular culture? … Read more