Annie Ernaux, Nobel Prize for Literature 2022: “I saw myself become a mother and a servant of my husband, forced to write in secret”

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“My goal in life is that my body, my sensations and my thoughts become writing, that my existence is completely dissolved in the minds and lives of others,” he assured us. annie ernaux (Lillebonne, France, 1940) before receiving the Nobel Prize for Literature 2022. Given the sense of commitment by which it has been governed … Read more

Broadcasters snap up “Servant of the people”, the series with Volodymyr Zelensky

1647310378 Broadcasters snap up Servant of the people the series with

PARIS: Seven projects for the rehabilitation of historic monuments and buildings such as the Dey’s palace, the Hassen Pasha palace, the El-Berrani mosque are underway in Algeria. Endowed with a budget of 23 billion dinars (1 Algerian dinar = 0.0064 euro), granted by the Directorate of Public Facilities (DEP), the programs for the restoration of … Read more

Lauren Ambrose, the tragic heroine of “Servant”

1643073547 Lauren Ambrose the tragic heroine of Servant

In “Servant”, Lauren Ambrose brilliantly carries the ideas and fantasies of M. Night Shyamalan, its creator. She looks back on this extraordinary adventure She has become the object of all the maternal fantasies of M. Night Shyamalan, one of the most fascinating female characters in the series of recent years, at the same time as … Read more

Rupert Grint teases Servant season 3 looks like a very different show

Rupert Grint teases Servant season 3 looks like a very

Rupert Grint, Apple TV star Servant teased that the show’s third season would look like a whole new series. Grint, known for his work as Ron Weasley in the Harry potter franchise, has taken steps to move beyond its association with the role, starring in To tear out on Crackle and make an appearance on … Read more

The second volume of The Scarlet Servant in the Booker Prize selection

The second volume of The Scarlet Servant in the Booker

The Testaments, the sequel to the Margaret Atwood saga that inspired the television series, is shortlisted for the coveted British Literary Award. The finalists will be announced on September 3 and the winner will be announced on October 14. The French release of the book is scheduled for November. Booker Prize jurors have unveiled the … Read more