Oscars: Patrice Vermette, shadow winner, criticizes the Academy

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In tandem with his Hungarian colleague Zsuzsanna Sipos, the Quebecer won the Oscar for best artistic direction – one of the pre-recorded prizes – for his work on Dunesthe science fiction film by Denis Villeneuve. I think it makes no sense that eight categories are relegated [hors cérémonie] like thathe said by telephone from Los … Read more

‘Shadow Dance’, by Alice Munro: Tales for Rebel Women

Alice Munro (Wingham, Canada, 1931) won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2013 in recognition of “his mastery in the contemporary short story” according to the committee’s words. She was the first Canadian to receive the prestigious award and her acceptance speech was somewhat atypical, since it was not in person but through a visual … Read more

Turkey, Armenia and the ominous shadow of the denied genocide

Every April 24 marks a new anniversary of the beginning of one of the most ominous events that humanity remembers, which occurred between 1915 and 1924: the genocide (as defined by many countries in the world, including Argentina) that Turkey carried out to the detriment of the Armenian minority on its territory. The expulsion from … Read more

War in Ukraine: understanding the conflict with the film The Shadow of Stalin

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Released in 2020, “The Shadow of Stalin” was an all too rare evocation of one of the most terrible mass crimes of the 20th century in Ukraine, committed by Stalin. A memory so painful that it also carries the seeds of the current conflict… Robert Palka / Film Produkcja “Young man, study history. History is … Read more

In the world of the ephemeral: How much does a shadow weigh and what is the use of knowing it?

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Although it is not a topic that we normally notice, knowing the weight of light and shadow opens up a range of scientific applications, from the Nobel Prize to space exploration. By Celia Gonzalez SanchezPhD student in Condensed Matter Physics, Autonomous University of Madrid Javier Rodriguez LagunaProfessor of the Department of Fundamental Physics, UNED – … Read more

War wounds cast a shadow over Ethiopia’s Epiphany festival

War wounds cast a shadow over Ethiopias Epiphany festival

Arega Tekeba’s fondest memories of his youth are of the celebrations his father prepared for the Timkat festival of Ethiopia’s Orthodox epiphany, when he would make the family sing while roasting a freshly slaughtered sheep. But those memories are painful now Arega’s father, a militiaman of the Amhara ethnic group, was shot dead last year … Read more