The path of the poets in the Sierra de Guadarrama: the mountain, verse by verse

The path of the poets in the Sierra de Guadarrama scaled

Machado, Aleixandre, Rosales… Updated Saturday, December 24, 2022 – 01:10 The Sierra de Guadarrama has been the muse of poets and writers. Its peaks, forests, rivers and valleys have inspired verses by great names in Spanish poetry and literature of the 20th century. The author, in full path with her family.mikael helsing By bike through … Read more

Cuba must be removed from the list of State sponsors of terrorism – Sierra Maestra Newspaper

The United States maintains a list of countries it considers to be “state sponsors of terrorism.” There are currently four countries on that list: Cuba, North Korea, Iran and Syria. The basic idea behind this list is that the US State Department determines that these countries have “provided support for acts of international terrorism.” The … Read more