Schwab Foundation awarded Gisela Sánchez as a “social intrapreneur” for creating Nutrivida

Schwab Foundation awarded Gisela Sanchez as a social intrapreneur for

Gisela Sánchez became this Tuesday, January 18, the first Latin American to be awarded the “Corporate Social Intrapreneur 2022” recognition, given by the Schwab Foundation, a sister organization of the World Economic Forum. The award was given to Sánchez for his Nutrivida initiative, a social enterprise that he built within Florida Ice and Farm Company … Read more

Six years after her arrest, social and political leaders demand the freedom of Milagro Sala

Six years after her arrest social and political leaders demand

In the text, the signatories expressed “once again our deep concern and our total repudiation of the persecution and harassment that Milagro Sala has been suffering, who this Sunday is serving 6 years in arbitrary and illegal prison.” “The case of the leader of Tupac Amaru was constituted in the laboratory of what was lawfare … Read more

Of what use is discussion on social networks to society?

Of what use is discussion on social networks to society

“I would never die for my beliefs because I could be wrong.” Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, mathematician and writer, Nobel Prize for Literature. Every day we find in the different digital social networks remarks that, regardless of the political spectrum from which they come, make a call or seek to obtain consensus on the positions … Read more

Umberto Eco against social networks: “It is the invasion of idiots” – La Tercera

1641425636 Umberto Eco against social networks It is the invasion of

A novelist, but also a semiologist and philosopher, the Italian Umberto Eco was one of the leading thinkers of the 20th century. In his essays he addressed topics such as art, beauty, literature, language. In this sense, the distinguished author of The name of the rose, who died in 2016 at the age of 84, … Read more

“Tick, tick … Boom!” by Lin-Manuel Miranda: the new musical from Netflix that explodes on social networks

1641302936 Tick tick Boom by Lin Manuel Miranda the new musical from

If we are all running after time, the American songwriter Jonathan Larson has made this race the heart of his work. Of the time, he had little, victim of an aortic aneurysm at only 35 years old (which caused him death), the day before the first performance of his musical. Rent. Having become a real … Read more

Institutions determine social behavior

Institutions determine social behavior

The rules of the game are institutions that constitute a kind of restrictions created by people, formal like laws, or informal, like habits, to shape interaction. They generate incentives in exchange, be it political, social or economic. The generation of 37 understood the importance of institutions. Ideas, dogmas, prejudices and ideologies are accepted by the … Read more

Haruki Murakami: “It is not acceptable to limit individual freedom for a supposed social benefit”

1639951479 Haruki Murakami It is not acceptable to limit individual freedom

In an apartment in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, there is a man in front of his computer and Brahms is playing in the background. We cannot see or hear him because we are in Barcelona and the interview is done in writing. The stars, you know, can choose that kind of thing, and the … Read more

Readings: Joyce Carol Oates, Queen of Contemporary Social Gothic, Returns

1639797414 Readings Joyce Carol Oates Queen of Contemporary Social Gothic Returns

Languid and at the same time expressive, the fragile appearance of the American writer Joyce carol oates (Lockport, New York, 1938) suggests the characters of Tim BurtonOnly that at 83 years old he can no longer hide his intrepid way of standing before the world. Between social realism and southern Gothic, always in the dark, … Read more

Stephany Griffith-Jones, economist: “Boric is what in Europe is called a social democrat”

Stephany Griffith Jones economist Boric is what in Europe is called

Boric is “concerned with developing a welfare state and promoting investment, particularly green,” the prestigious economist and part of Gabriel Boric’s advisory team, Stephany Griffith-Jones, told El Desconcierto. The Cambridge University PhD in economics does not believe in the labels of “extreme” that have been put on the candidate of Approve Dignity. Regarding pensions, he … Read more

Learn about the social legacy that Nelson Mandela left to Humanity

Learn about the social legacy that Nelson Mandela left to

Nelson Rlihlahla Mandela was born in 1918 in Mvezo, South Africa, and his activism and political leadership focused on the fight for racial equality in his country. ALSO READ: The 5 life lessons to learn from Nelson Mandela From a young age, he experienced injustices and human rights abuses due to racial segregation, which is … Read more