Johnny Depp’s Gift Inspired a Grammy-Winning Song by Paul McCartney

For an actor, Johnny Depp hangs out with a lot of musicians. He played guitar on an Oasis album, formed two supergroups and collaborated with Tom Petty. So it’s no surprise that he rubbed shoulders with legendary Beatle Paul McCartney. Long before we knew about the Hicksville trailer and the missing fingertip from it, Depp’s … Read more

Kendrick Lamar’s New Trans Acceptance Song Auntie Diaries Explained – Up News Info News in France and abroad

After a five-year hiatus, rapper and Pulitzer Prize winner Kendrick Lamar is back with Mr. Morale and Big Steps, his latest album under the Top Dawg Entertainment label. The album features 18 tracks, split in two into an A-side and a B-side. Fans are excited about this project, but it has its shortcomings. While tracks … Read more

Dr. Dre once hated winning the Grammy for this Eminem song: “It’s like a stab in the stomach” – Home

Eminem and Dr. Dre have received much praise and praise for their contributions to hip-hop. This includes winning multiple rap Grammy Awards over the years for his work. But there was one hit record for which he would rather not win a Grammy and put it in the vault. So much so that he felt … Read more

Jerau participates in a children’s album nominated for the 2022 grammy anglo and releases a song with Carlos Vives and Nacho

Jerau participates in a childrens album nominated for the 2022

Loaded with news and with a lot of music to share, is the Cartagena artist Jerau. Precisely, one of his most recent professional achievements is the participation he had as a collaborator in the children’s music album “Actívate” by the duet 123 Andrés, which is nominated for best children’s album at the 2022 Anglo Grammy … Read more

Encanto: Lin-Manuel Miranda explains why Bruno’s song was not chosen for the Oscars

Encanto Lin Manuel Miranda explains why Brunos song was not chosen

The director returns to the choice of “Dos Oruguitas” to represent Encanto at the Oscars ceremony. Taking place on March 27 in Hollywood, the 94th edition of Oscars revealed his selection on February 8. With three nominations, Encanto is in the running for Best Animated Film, Best Original Soundtrack and Best Original Song. And in … Read more

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression | song in the wind

The day that Mercedes Sosa defied censorship and repression

40 years ago – a minute before Malvinas, even before the CGT march on March 30 – the dictatorship began to fall. A cycle of concerts in the middle of Corrientes street defied censorship and repression and, in the same gesture, gave birth to an aesthetic (and ideological) idea that was foundational at the time: … Read more

A year of success for Patria y Vida, the song that mobilized Cubans

A year of success for Patria y Vida the song

More than 10 million views on YouTube, an anthem of hope for change in Cuba, a link between Cubans and two Latin Grammy awards: the song “Patria y Vida” celebrates a year of success, but the imprisonment of one of its interpreters and the situation on the island cloud the anniversary. “I don’t celebrate anything, … Read more

Jerau nominated for a Grammy and launches a song with Carlos Vives and Nacho

Jerau nominated for a Grammy and launches a song with

Jerau launches the “Conquest” together with Carlos Vives and Nacho Loaded with news and with a lot of music to share, that’s how we find Jerau who has been very happy with the nomination for the 2022 Grammys for best children’s album with the children’s music album called “Activate123 with Andres”, where he is a … Read more

Sharko’s column on suicide in song (have a nice weekend everyone)

Sharkos column on suicide in song have a nice weekend

| Published on 01/22/2022 at 09:00 “Hell”, the new single from Stromae, was released in a studied and effective communication and this one evokes suicide in a direct way. And you have certainly wondered: but what other songs approached it? *** * ****** *** **** ** ******** *** ***** ***** **** * ******* *** ***** … Read more