Golden Globes, One Piece Odyssey, Rockin’ Squat… the top articles of the week

1673603078 Golden Globes One Piece Odyssey Rockin Squat the top articles

Culture, Pop Culture, technology, news, reviews and surveys… Each week, find the best of L’Eclaireur, with the most interesting articles of the moment. ©FRAZER HARRISON/GETTY IMAGES Golden Globes: our recap of the ceremony and the awards On the occasion of an 80th ceremony essential to restore their image, the Golden Globes rewarded the most deserving. … Read more

Asterix, Adèle, Grendizer, Batman and other titans of the 9th art squat the Top 20

Asterix Adele Grendizer Batman and other titans of the 9th

The Gallic hero still largely dominates the ranking of GFK / Livres Hebdo best sellers. The 39e serial number, Asterix and the Griffin (Albert-René editions), signed Jean-Yves Ferri and Didier Conrad, firmly maintains its leadership position for the second consecutive week, and is already approaching one million copies sold. The album is followed by Mortelle … Read more