Sweet madness and poetry and punk: Scandinavian cinema in the spotlight on Filmo

1642101780 Sweet madness and poetry and punk Scandinavian cinema in the

Scandinavian cinema counts among its representatives some of the greatest active filmmakers. This is an opportunity to pay tribute to them, with Filmo. Willingly caricatured as an airtight cinema, not really funny, even authorizing to the extreme, just good enough to stimulate the cerebral hemispheres of Parisian spectators downing quinoa. Except that on the contrary, … Read more

From sweet bread to champagne: how the aromas of Christmas impact the brain

From sweet bread to champagne how the aromas of Christmas

In this association between nostalgia and smells, the main protagonist is a brain structure called the hippocampus The Christmas holidays are a festival of smells, tastes, sights, sounds and textures. The five senses help us fully immerse ourselves in this time of year through meals, Christmas carols, fireworks and pyrotechnics, the candles that adorn our … Read more

“Harvey” at the TNP of Villeurbanne, with Jacques Gamblin in sweet crazy

1634183382 Harvey at the TNP of Villeurbanne with Jacques Gamblin in

Bursts of laughter with a shovel. An enthusiastic and demonstrative room. This is what Laurent Pelly’s troupe lacked, which had been rehearsing for months: to confront the public and feel it vibrate. Harvey, the fantastic and incredible story of Elwood P. Dowd and his imaginary friend presented at the National Popular Theater of Villeurbanne succeeds … Read more