In 1960, a Nobel laureate put forward a theory that has now been confirmed in Antarctica.

In 1960 a Nobel laureate put forward a theory that

Mystery unveiled 60 years later. A physical theory from 60 years ago was proven thanks to a detector of particles that come from space and contain a large amount of energy. The device, which is installed under the ice of the South Pole, demonstrated the phenomenon anticipated by Nobel laureate Sheldon Glashow in 1960. A … Read more

How is the telescope that, from Argentina, seeks to verify (or rule out) the Big Bang theory

How is the telescope that from Argentina seeks to

It’s hard to stay upright. The lack of oxygen here, to 4,900 meters above sea level, grave like a pineapple that leaves you on the verge of knockout. But the site has its advantages, especially if we are talking about astrophysics and especially if it is a goal so ambitious that many believe it could … Read more

Albert Einstein and the reason that made the scientist win the Nobel but not for the Theory of Relativity

Albert Einstein and the reason that made the scientist win

Several decades ago one of the most brilliant minds this world has given us left us. Albert Einstein is one of the best-known scientists in our recent history. We are not only talking about a privileged mind, but also about a figure admired and respected in all parts of the planet. The creator of the … Read more

Ultracold atoms “dressed in light” to simulate a physical theory – Third Information

In physics today, our understanding of the world is based on the gauge theories: mathematical models of theoretical physics that describe the interactions between elementary particles (such as electrons or quarks) and explain in a quantum way three of the fundamental forces of nature: electromagnetic, weak and strong. The fourth, gravity, is described by Einstein’s … Read more

Why haven’t we heard from aliens? Astrobiologists give disturbing answer with a new theory | D.W. | 05.19.2022

Why havent we heard from aliens Astrobiologists give disturbing answer

Among the many questions that have puzzled scientists for decades, the question of whether we are alone in the universe is certainly one of the ones that most captivates us as a species. And among the many possibilities within this question, there is a particular uncertainty that assails many experts: why has humanity never been … Read more

Kendrick Lamar’s Theory Offers Meaning Behind Oklama’s Nickname

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Kendrick Lamar has adopted many nicknames throughout his illustrious career – K. Dot, King Kendrick, Cornrow Kenny, Kung Fu Kenny. As … Read more

Case opened against Keiko Fujimori for “fraud” theory

Case opened against Keiko Fujimori for fraud theory

The fiscal Johana Velasco Bardalesfrom the second office of the Sixth Criminal Corporate Prosecutor’s Office of Cercado de Lima, opened an investigation against Keiko Fujimori and another 25 people for the crimes of sedition, conspiracy to rebel, slanderous denunciation and malfeasance. This is because all the defendants insisted on the theory, already disrupted by the … Read more

The great replacement: how a far-right theory got into the French electoral campaign

The great replacement how a far right theory got into the

It is almost certain that French President Emmanuel Macron will make it to the second round after the presidential elections on April 10; what is not known is who will be his opponent. Yes, it is known, according to the aggregate of polls published Politician (his “poll of polls”), who will be someone from the … Read more

Steve Kerr has his theory on the Warriors’ poor form: ‘We’ve had a slight hangover since Steph’s record’

Steve Kerr has his theory on the Warriors poor form

Long at the head of the NBA in this 2021-22 season, the Warriors have since left the leading position to the Suns, the fault in particular of not tip top results at the start of the year. What are the causes that explain the current small form of the Dubs? Coach Steve Kerr has his … Read more