Steve Kerr has his theory on the Warriors’ poor form: ‘We’ve had a slight hangover since Steph’s record’

Steve Kerr has his theory on the Warriors poor form

Long at the head of the NBA in this 2021-22 season, the Warriors have since left the leading position to the Suns, the fault in particular of not tip top results at the start of the year. What are the causes that explain the current small form of the Dubs? Coach Steve Kerr has his … Read more

Economist, profession on the rise: theory, data and a lot of “I think” that can give a strong boost to national development

1639966270 Economist profession on the rise theory data and a lot

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. Faced with a “widely favorable” situation that brings “a boom of opportunities” for economists, the SEU (Uruguayan … Read more

Theory of Relativity: its experimental verification

1639592272 Theory of Relativity its experimental verification

mikel casal Science Pills In science the validity of a theory has to be confirmed experimentally In 1905 Alfred Einstein published an article whose content is what we now call the theory of special relativity. That was a mature topic that other researchers were close to. But between 1907 and 1915 he made a very … Read more

100 years ago, Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics and it was not for the Theory of Relativity

100 years ago Einstein won the Nobel Prize in Physics

What is it about? It all started in 1887, when the German physicist Heinrich Rudolf Hertz discovered that when light (visible or ultraviolet) hits the surface of some metals, the metal emits electrons. “Now we know that what happens is that photons of light collide with atoms on the metal surface and electrons are released … Read more

The theory of planetary limits: sustainability as a weapon against climate risks

1638757243 The theory of planetary limits sustainability as a weapon against

Related news The scientific community has spent decades warning of climate change and warning of the red lines that must not be crossed. Those limits were what, in 2009, the scientists Johan Rockstrom, from the Stockholm Resilience Center (SRC), and Will Stefen, from the Australian National University, defined as planetary boundaries. They found that there … Read more

The economic theory that won a Nobel and now helps save corals

1638238949 The economic theory that won a Nobel and now helps

Coral bleaching, caused by rising sea temperatures, is the main threat to corals. In 1952, the American economist Harry Markowitz, aged 24, developed the modern portfolio theory, known today as Markowitz’s theory, in which he stated that, to obtain a higher return on investments, it is necessary to incur a higher risk . Despite the … Read more

How many people do you know around the planet? This is how the theory of the six degrees of separation works

How many people do you know around the planet This

Throughout a lifetime we have the chance to meet hundreds of people. The first friendships from school, the passage to higher studies, the coworkers or friendships arisen in various ways they are forming our nucleus of friendships during our life. Now, in this age interconnected with the Internet era relationships are even greater. Regarding how … Read more

The study of one of the 2021 Nobel Prize winners in economics that went against the theory of the negative effects of the increase in the minimum wage on employment – La Tercera

1636690418 The study of one of the 2021 Nobel Prize winners

In 1992 the alarms were raised in New Jersey by an increase in the minimum wage from US $ 4.25 to US $ 5.05 an hour, because it was presumed that the measure would reduce the labor supply. However, this theory did not convince the recent Nobel Prize winner in economics and academic from the … Read more

A Nobel Prize raised a theory 60 years ago and is now being tested in Antarctica – Format Seven

A Nobel Prize raised a theory 60 years ago and

Share on Facebook0 Share on Twitter A detector of high-energy particles from space located under the ice of the South Pole has experimentally tested a physical theory from 60 years ago. On December 6, 2016, an electron antineutrino slammed into Earth from outer space at a speed close to the speed of light carrying 6.3 … Read more