“Tick, tick … Boom!” by Lin-Manuel Miranda: the new musical from Netflix that explodes on social networks

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If we are all running after time, the American songwriter Jonathan Larson has made this race the heart of his work. Of the time, he had little, victim of an aortic aneurysm at only 35 years old (which caused him death), the day before the first performance of his musical. Rent. Having become a real … Read more

Tick ​​Tick Boom: Larson, Miranda & Sondheim | Seriefonia

Tick ​​Tick Boom Larson Miranda Sondheim Seriefonia

In this Seriefonia, double news since we evoke the film Tik Tik Boom and the disappearance of a great name from Broadway: Stephen Sondheim. [Extrait Sonore « Tick Tick Boom, 1991 »] [« SérieFonia : Season IV : Opening Credits » – Jérôme Marie] The great Musical family is in mourning… This November 26, Stephen Sondheim passed … Read more

We unravel the real story behind Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! on Netflix

We unravel the real story behind Tick Tick… ​​Boom on

The questions of the thirties of yesterday and today are at the heart of the cinematographic concerns of the moment: Julie (in 12 chapters), The Olympics and today Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! are so many magnificent films on this difficult passage to adulthood. If, in France, the culture of musical is much less significant than in … Read more

The real story behind the movie “Tick Tick… ​​Boom! »With Andrew Garfield

The real story behind the movie Tick Tick… ​​Boom With

In January 1996, after years of hardship and odd jobs, Jonathan larson, an American composer and playwright, is finalizing his musical called Rent. The rock opera is an adaptation of the novel by Henry Murger, Scenes from Bohemian Life and opera Bohemian by Giacomo Puccini. On the night of January 25, after the final rehearsals … Read more

Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! (Netflix): Andrew Garfield gives voice in unbridled musical

Tick Tick… ​​Boom Netflix Andrew Garfield gives voice in unbridled

A young musician dreams of writing the greatest musical of all time. Andrew Garfield brings the biopic to life and life of the cult Broadway composer’s chaotic beginnings in Tick, Tick… ​​Boom, available on Netflix. The Prodigy Lin-Manuel Miranda, author ofHamilton and songs from the classic Disney Vaiana, adapted from Jonathan Larson’s autobiographical musical: Tick, … Read more

Tick ​​Tick Boom! on Netflix: Andrew Garfield in one of his best movies?

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Andrew Garfield returns to the top of his form and his art with Tick Tick Boom !, an ode to Jonathan Larson, to time passing and to a lost youth. A wonderful film directed by Lin-Manuel Miranda. What is it about ? As he approaches his 30s, a promising young composer juggles love, friendship and … Read more

“Tick, Tick … Boom!”: While waiting for Broadway

Tick Tick Boom While waiting for Broadway

For his debut as a director, the playwright, composer, actor, singer and in short, a man-orchestra Lin-Manuel Miranda chose to adapt not one of his works, but that of one of his predecessors, Jonathan Larson. Pulitzer Prize winner for his musical performance Rent, Larson previously created Tick, Tick… ​​Boom!, and it is on this lesser-known … Read more