De Del Toro à Kid Cudi, Netflix lève le voile sur ses projets dans l’animation

CERRO ARMAZONES : L’Extremely Large Telescope (ELT), le plus puissant instrument optique jamais construit qui augmentera considérablement la capacité d’observation des astronomes, sort lentement de terre dans le nord du Chili, un des endroits les plus propices pour se tourner vers les étoiles. Ce nouvel “œil sur le ciel”, qui viendra s’ajouter à partir de 2027 … Read more

Karlovy Vary pays tribute to Geoffrey Rush and Benicio Del Toro

06/21/2022 – The Czech festival will award the Oscar-winning actors, respectively, the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema and the President’s Award This article is available in English. The 56th edition (1-9 July) of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF – see the news on the line-up) will honor two Oscar-winning … Read more

“Nightmare Alley”: the astonishing failure of Guillermo del Toro

VSIt was the downfall of the end-of-year celebrations. Released in the United States opposite Spider-Man: No Way Home, Nightmare Alley soon joined The Last Duel and West Side Story in the back alley of damaged films. On January 16, in the fifth week, far, very far from the boulevard de la Victoire overflown by the … Read more

“Nightmare Alley”: Guillermo del Toro returns to the cinema with a dark and disturbing new film

This film noir that captures “the angst of our time” is Guillermo del Toro’s first feature film since winning the Oscars for “The Shape of Water”. Nightmare Alley, Guillermo del Toro’s new film in theaters on Wednesday, is set in the dark and murky world of 1940s monster fairs: a fable about pretense, lies and … Read more