Pulp Fiction: John Travolta’s incredible method of playing a drug addict

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Available on Netflix, pulp Fiction is one of the most cult films of American cinema. And the anecdotes around this trashy feature film are numerous. The method used by John Travolta to best embody a drug addict is one of them… The continuation under this advertisement Mythical scene of the twist danced by Mia and … Read more

Adorable video showing John Travolta’s dog, adopted from the shelter, tenderly waking him up

Adorable video showing John Travoltas dog adopted from the shelter

6 months after being adopted by John Travolta and his son, Peanut, the dog made famous by her visit to the Oscars, is already extremely attached to her human. The actor shared a video where the canine offers him all his affection when he wakes up. … Read more