What is Abbott Elementary, this series that triumphed at the Golden Globes?

What is Abbott Elementary this series that triumphed at the

Broadcast in France on Disney+, Abbott Elementary has just been renewed for a third season. Spotlight on Quinta Brunson’s feelgood series. A fine consecration for Abbott Elementary. In addition to the Best Comedy award, the sitcom also picked up the Golden Globes for Best Comedy Actress for Quinta Brunson and Best Supporting Actor for Tyler … Read more

Everything (or almost everything) about Rosalía, the Spanish superstar who triumphed in 2022

After hanging the sold-out sign on the concerts in the United States, Argentina, Mexico or Spain, the motomami world tour of rosalia closes in Paris next Sunday. Here are five facts about the Spanish singer, a young flamenco talent who became a world pop superstar in 2022. Although she continues to be her greatest inspiration, … Read more

Jon Batiste triumphed at the Grammys and is ready for a new challenge: acting

Jon Batiste triumphed at the Grammys and is ready for

His name has resonated in recent weeks thanks to the fact that he was the artist with the most Grammy nominations and also the top winner, with five awards, including Album of the Year. But now Jon Batiste is ready to conquer a new medium: acting. According to a magazine report VarietyBatiste will play a … Read more

Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande triumphed at the MTV Video Music Awards

1643933102 Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande triumphed at the MTV Video

Photo PEOPLE A new ceremony of the MTV Video Music Awards, known as VMAs, took place this Monday at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, United States. American singers Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish and Missy Elliott were some of the big winners of the night. The event, animated by actor and comedian Sebastian … Read more

Jocelyn Bell: how she discovered pulsars, was stolen her Nobel and triumphed to tell the tale

Jocelyn Bell how she discovered pulsars was stolen her Nobel

Jocelyn bell Burnell discovered pulsars (neutron stars) in 1967, when he was doing his doctorate at the University of Cambridge. For this finding, should have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1974, together with your thesis advisor and your boss’s boss. But it was not like that. However, his work and his career … Read more

In pictures: the song ‘Patria y vida’ is enshrined in a Latin Grammy in which the Colombian Camilo also triumphed – BBC News Mundo

1637341254 In pictures the song Patria y vida is enshrined in

Drafting BBC News World November 19, 2021, 06:09 GMT Updated November 19, 2021, 06:33 GMT Image source, Getty Images Caption, “Homeland and Life” rang out in Las Vegas. The song “Homeland and life” became the main protagonist of the 22nd edition of the Latin Grammy Awards, which was held this Thursday in Las Vegas (Nevada), … Read more