Science – An untapped economic resource

El premio Nobel Adolfo Perez Esquivel muestra sus pinturas

No one doubts that science is the engine of progress and well-being. Social perception studies carried out by prestigious entities such as the FECYT consistently show the high esteem that Spanish society professes to the science and to scientists. However, this appreciation does not really transcend the ornamental field. If we were to ask about … Read more

Saudi-American film producer digs into Kingdom’s ‘untapped potential’

Saudi American film producer digs into Kingdoms untapped potential

ANGOULEME: The Angoulême International Comics Festival is back, without a mask or vaccination pass, after having had to cancel its 2021 edition and postpone that of 2022. Gloom in January, when a wave of Covid-19 contaminations had prevented the famous comic book meeting from being held on the usual dates, which is held in the … Read more